8 Services provided by Magento development company for your E-commerce website

Magento is a leading open-source platform for businesses to establish their online stores globally. But developing an attractive website using the resources available on Magento is not an easy task. There are so many extensions, themes and technicalities that it is not a one-person task. You will need the help of a leading Magento development company to build your e-commerce website efficiently. The firm will access your business needs, chalk out the ideal strategy for your site development and help you get the desired results.

Once you make your presence in the online market, your business will compete with thousands of other firms from all across the country. This exposure may not yield exciting results if you do not have the most attractive and functional website. A Magento development company ensures you get all this dominance and more from your online store. And the investment is worth it since you receive access to an array of services. What does a company have to offer you?

A well-functional website on Magento will get your business to new heights!

Magento Development Company: Listing of All The Services

Leverage the power of experience, technical skills and creativity all in one team by selecting the best Magento development company. You can convey your ideas and use your teams’ skills to build a functional website for your business online. Here are all the services you will get from the development company.

#1 End-To-End Customised Development

If you do not have any technical idea or team to look after your online store development on Magento, you can get end-to-end development support from the company. A leading firm will deal in both these platforms.

●     B2B Platforms

If your business deals in B2B marketplaces, your company will lead you with the proper development of such websites.

●     B2C Platforms

B2C platforms are the most common services offered by a Magento development company. You get the customization you want!

#2 Extension Development For Sites

Some basic extensions are available on Magento, but they may not complement your desired website requirements. With the assistance and technical support of an expert development company, you can look out for alternatives. Try out various extensions by customising them as per the theme and layout of your online store.

#3 Complete eCommerce Solutions

A Magento development company will look after all your eCommerce website necessities. Starting from layout and configuration to data updates and storage options, you can get end-to-end support from the company. Create an engaging and fast platform to offer the most comfortable shopping experience to your customers.

#4 PWA (Progressive Web App) Development

Give the ultimate app-like experience to your customers by building a well-functional PWA site on the website. If you make the right choice of company, it is possible to get the native app-like structure online without having to invest much in the process. Find the most reliable firm to do this task without any glitches.

#5 Magento Migration Services

Magento migration services are also a part of the services offered by a Magento development company. In general, most businesses reach out to such companies for this task only as the migration is more complicated than the initial development.

●     Shopify To Magento

If you are on Shopify, you can get your online store transferred to Magento, keeping all the themes, database and extension settings in check.

●     WooCommerce To Magento

WooCommerce platform is also losing its online stores to Magento. You can utilise this migration service too.

●     ShopSite To Magento

ShopSite to Magento migration is also a demanded service that development companies offer to interested customers.

●     Magento 1 to Magento 2

After Magento 1 support was withdrawn, most companies are inclined to upgrade to Magento 2. If you are looking for that option too, contact the best development company.

#6 Custom Theme & Extension

Although Magento has a collection of themes and extensions that you can use for your online store, you may want to make modifications to them and create new ones. Since the available set is common to all, you might wind up using the same themes as your competitor. Your Magento Development company will ensure you stand out from others.

#7 Successful ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations involve a lot of tasks, including inventory management, customer data and shipping details. You can get your website in line with your online store to uplift its efficiency.

#8 Maintenance & Updates

Every website requires timely maintenance, bug fixes and updates to function properly on different platforms. You can get 24×7 customer support from the development company to devise error logs timely. Also, you can bring periodic updates and changes to your site to keep your customers hooked!

Yes, you can get all these services, and more, by choosing the most dependable and Magento development company. Pan out your requirements and specify your business needs to get the desired results. Build an authentic website to monitor the growth of your firm using one of the largest open-source portals!