8 Secrets To Make Things Easy For Your Bridesmaids And Keep Them Happy

This is no secret: Bridesmaids play an essential role in helping the bride and the maid of honor with wedding planning. If you’re tying the knot soon and are looking for ways to treat and make these gals happy — this is the read for you. From gathering them early to surprising them with personalized bridesmaid gifts, here are eight ways to help you out.

Carefully think about who will be your bridesmaids. You and your bridesmaids should share the same frequency — you should trust them and they should also trust you. So be careful when choosing who will they be. Don’t ask someone because you’re obligated to do so. Also, knowing who your bridesmaids are will also make it easier for you to choose personalized bridesmaid gifts.

Give them direction. The key to making things easier for your bridesmaids is to introduce them early as they may or may not be acquainted with each other yet. During your initial meetings, it’s also important to give them details and direction, to set expectations, and to identify who’s responsible for what (this involves tasks that will be done by important people outside the group, e.g. Your parents or aunts).

Ask them for ideas. When planning and holding a wedding, no couple is an island. This is why the roles of bridesmaids and groomsmen have emerged. So don’t be afraid to ask them for ideas and suggestions. For instance, ask them about the attire that they prefer during your wedding (e.g. Dresses with pockets, flat shoes).

Take their financial status into account. Not every bridesmaid has the financial capacity to join the lavish ideas that you may have in mind. So before planning to hold your bachelorette party outside your state or country, consider the financial positions of all your bridesmaids.

Create a group chat. It’s hard to message bridesmaids separately when discussing matters about your wedding. If you want your communications to be efficient for all, setting up a group chat on your preferred messaging app is the way to go. You can also dedicate an email thread or a Facebook page for wedding discussions.

Say thank you — in words and in gifts. There’s a reason why the demand for personalized bridesmaid gifts is rising. They’re a unique way of showing your appreciation to your gals. Apart from saying your thanks verbally — often — you shouldn’t underestimate the power of gift-giving.

Do a unique activity just for them. Another great way of making bridesmaids appreciated is doing something that’s exclusive for them. Even if it’s as simple as treating them to your favorite restaurant, it all boils down to sharing an experience that you can fondly look back on even years after your wedding.

Remember: It’s not just about your wedding. It can be tempting to always lead your conversations with your bridesmaids to your wedding day. However, keep in mind that they also have lives outside your wedding. Apart from being respectful of that life, it will surely make them happy if you ask about them from time to time.