What if your LPG Cooking gas explodes at your home? Suppose, if you’re cooking something special like Pasta, Biryani, etc., you receive an urgent call from your office, which you need to attend. You kept your gas on unintentionally, and your child is playing in the kitchen area, and if some mishap happens, it may cost your child’s life and even your and your family’s.

There are many cases of the explosion of LPG Gas that appears in India, so by doing research and from the expert’s advice, we have come up with eight safety tips that will save you and your loved ones from the blunders.

What are the uses of LPG?

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. Propane and butane are two leading gases in LPG gas. It was first introduced in 1955 in India for the first time, and Burshane started this kitchen innovation with clean and efficient cooking fuel. In early 1860, LPG was in use as a Portable Fuel Source. The LPG fuel has various usage such as:

  • The LPG gas is mainly used for industrial and domestic purposes.
  • The LPG gas is most commonly used for barbecue grills, cooktops, ovens, gas fireplaces, and portable heaters.
  • The countries like Europe, LPG water heater is standard.
  • The fuel is also used in vehicles, as it helps preserve the environment from the pollution generated by petrol and diesel.
  • LPG fuel is used in refrigerants.
  • It is also used as a chemical feedstock.
  • The fuel is used for agricultural purposes in drying processes.
  • It is a tremendous industrial fuel, and it also uses the solution of heating processes.


You know that LPG fuel has propane and butane chemicals in the gas, which is helpful to generate heat energy. So, this energy plays a significant role in domestic use.

After doing extensive research, we came across that LPG fuel is also helpful for industrial usages, such as:

  • It helps in galvanizing, which means adding a protective layer of zinc to iron or stealing through heating them.
  • The fuel is also used for melting the metal, as it generates higher temperatures for heating metal.
  • The LPG fuel helps in consuming 10-25 percent of electricity.
  • In industry, you can control the temperature of LPG fuel for heating the material.
  • It is also helpful in steam generation.

How LPG helps the industries generate heat energy and helps in consuming less electricity.

Now, which industries mainly uses LPG fuel is as given:

1) Ceramic Industry

2) Food Processing Industry

3) Metal Processing Industry

4) Textile Industry

5) Printing Industry

6) Chemical Production Industry

7) Forklifts Industry


After doing immense backbreaking work, we have found the eight safety tips for escaping LPG fuel exposure.

All the materials in gaseous form are harmful. While using this material, everyone should take proper safety precautions when using them.

Likewise, if you are using an LPG fuel at your home, then you should follow these eight safety tips to neglect deadly explosions:

  • When cooking on LPG gas, never leave the gas stove untended.
  • Always keep your gas cylinders vertically in a plane and safe place.
  •  While purchasing the LPG gas from an authorized dealer, you must ensure that the equipment is new and solid.
  • When you purchase the LPG gas cylinder, make sure that the cylinder is ISI marked.
  • When you are cooking on gas, then keeps away the flammable materials or fuels (Kerosene, Petrol, alcohol, etc.); this may explode.
  •  After winding up your work, switch off all the knobs of the gas.
  • When you are not cooking or at home, switch off the cylinder’s regulator.
  • You may install the gas detector in your kitchen area or where you keep your gas cylinders; it may detect any gas in the air, and it helps in preventing any hazards from the leakage from the gas.


In well-identified research, we know that there are 25,800 dealers of LPG cooking fuel in India in the fiscal year 2021. and the south Asian country became the second largest in consuming the LPG cooking fuel.

In India, three major companies produce the LPG cooking fuel, and they are:

1) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)

2) Indian Oil (Indane)

3) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL).


Let us discuss some exciting advantages of using LPG cooking fuel.

  • The LPG cooking is comfortable for use either in-home or in industry.
  • The LPG gas cylinder is movable due to its movability. It can reach every rural and regional area of India.
  • The supply chain of LPG fuel is steady in India.
  • India imports the LPG cooking fuel from countries like Middle Eastern Producers Saudi Aramco, Qatar’s Tasweeq, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dabi National Oil Company, and Kuwait Petroleum.
  • The LPG fuel is eco-friendly.
  • You can heat the water on LPG so with that you can save electricity.
  • The LPG doesn’t generate carbon if it leaks in the crankcase.


  • The flaming temperature is heavier than the petrol fuel.
  • The LPG fuel is lacking in the particular fuel feed system.
  •  The fuel tank of the LPG is bulky.
  • The energy density of the LPG cooking fuel is more diminutive.
  • The density of the LPG is higher than the air; whenever the leakage appears, it gets possessed at one spot and causes the avocation.


In India, many homes are still not using LPG, and these homes are primarily in village areas where they can’t afford to buy the LPG cooking fuel. The Government of India has made a scheme for such people by selling the LPG cooking oil at a Subsidized rate with proper safety and security.

The above article shares the safety tips and the advantages and disadvantages. Those who don’t have the LPG cooking fuel can buy it from the nearly authorized dealers by taking proper precautions and safety.

Terra Wilder

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