8 reasons why you need your own ticketing system

As a new event management company, or a live event venue looking to digitize, looking beyond the text message and e-mail as a marketing source is vital. Granted that these two are very effective, have a wide outreach and have better conversion. But it is time you get an up to date ticketing system that will give you more than just digital tickets.

If you have plans on getting a ticketing system and want to partner with a ticketing service, this post will tell you why you should get your own system. Let us dive right in.

Do you really need your own Ticketing System?

TLDR – Yes. A ticketing system is beyond just booking online tickets and sending confirmations to the purchaser digitally. It is a complete build of ticketing, queue management, query handling, financial integration and settlements.

Here are seven reasons why you must get a ticketing system.

1. Better tracking:

Imagine your booking requests and ticketing coming through emails, phone calls and messages. It is not a struggle to just catch up, but also consider the different avenues from which booking could come in – Instagram messages, website queries, walk-ins and more. Ticketing systems on the other hand will direct your guest to one place, where all tickets can be handed out based on priorities or set queues. This will help you get a clear picture of how many tickets are sold, how many are available and which segment they are available in.

2. Failed ticketing:

No more reminders, ticket boards and forgetting to include that one person’s name who had called in to reserve, but the team forgot to update the ticketing board, when it falls though the ticket crack. The system keeps a tab of everything. You also get a list of failed payments or abandoned ticket charts where you can contact the guest and help them complete the transaction.

3. Reduced manual tasks:

Ticketing systems today have tools that can help you automate repetitive tasks like answering frequently answered questions. It also has built-in facilities that can help you assign seats, upgrade tickets, freeing slots when a ticket is cancelled – automate the entire ticketing workflow is a breeze.

4. Better productivity:

When your team’s most daunting job of organizing guests into their seats is taken care of they can take care of the more nuanced customer service aspects. Ticketing systems also give you details of how each executive performs so that you can monitor their productivity and identify areas where they can perform better. Your agents work better since they just have one centralized system that is dynamically updated.

5. Cost efficiency:

With a ticketing system software, you will be saving in the long run in terms of better efficiency, productivity and operational efficiency. Agents can work at full capacity, resolving queries faster and better. It will also optimize your overhead costs and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Omni channel ticketing:

While booking through the website is the easiest for some, others may find it convenient to approach the booking from their Instagram page right when they heard the announcement. Chatbots, Whatsapp, email, QR codes are all different channels people go to in order to book their tickets. A ticketing system merges all channels and consolidates them on one platform to give you a true omni channel ticketing service.

7. Customer support:

Customer support is easier with a ticketing system because it can help categories and organise guests better. You can have dedicated teams for your VIP guests while moving tickets, upgrades and merchandise sales can be categorized better for maximum efficiency. You can also flag high priority items, escalate burning issues or resolve pain points faster. It reduces potential mishaps due to human error like dual booking, mix ups or gaps in customer service.

8. Data Metrics:

The bottom rule with data analytics is if there is a data point, it can be measured and managed. Ticketing systems like the one from Clubr give you a dashboard, where you get insights and reports not just for this ticketing cycle, but for many other service performance parameters. You have a robust reporting mechanism about failed transactions, time spent, SLA metrics and much more that can help you identify gaps and areas of improvement to maximize efficiency.

In conclusion

A ticketing system is beyond just selling tickets in a digitized format. It can help you bring your guests, support staff and agents to one platform, interact and streamline ticketing. It also gives valuable insights through metrics and forms knowledge bases that you can build on with each ticketing cycle. Common issues in ticketing, and FAQs can be handled with automation tools. Getting a ticketing system for your medium to the large guest base is not just a clever thing to do, but essential as you expand. Looking for the best ticketing system for your live event venue or club? Get Started with Clubr the best holistic nightlife discovery platform that helps you with White label solutions for all live venue and club needs. From analytics to automation, ticketing to task support we offer complete build integrations for all your applications to boost your revenue, and add true business value