8 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Web Designer for Your Small Business

What do we want? Clicks! Where do we want them? Your website!  If only it was that simple…

The average web-browsing individual will leave a website after 15 seconds if they’re not intrigued. Your website and landing page especially, must be top-notch. It’s usually best left to the professionals.

The Pros Know Best

Investing in a website design professional has so many advantages. Here’s why you should pass the torch. 


You could spend time, money, and energy trying to design it yourself but learning coding, branding, software, plug-ins, platforms, domains, hosts, copywriting, troubleshooting, etc, is something that takes years to learn. You could hire someone (whose upfront cost is worth the progressive rewards) and use your time and energy on more key elements of your business that you specialize in. Part of business is knowing what to delegate and automate to optimize your resources. 


A professional will take care of complex security protocols, ensuring your website is accessible and risk-free for potential customers. It will be SSL certified and protected from breaches. 


You’ll make your money back in the form of conversions. An appealing website encourages exploration, leading browsers down your sales funnel and landing eventually at a finalized transaction. 


A web designer is going to know how to leverage text/tags to get you found first. If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s a sign you aren’t ready to design it yourself. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of keywords, phrases, and tags in content to teach search engines about what solutions you offer, and when to display your info as the appropriate solution to the searcher’s inquiries/problems. 

Back-End Optimization

Web designers know how to: 

  • make a website responsive/adaptive to various devices/screen sizes
  • decrease loading time for photos
  • add hidden SEO tags and links to content
  • use plug-ins
  • get backlinks
  • modify visuals with code,

Behind the scenes is where SEO matters. These are complex tasks that take a novice a while to grasp. They’ll also know how to leverage the latest tech and software to earn you a cutting-edge website. 


A professional will take your vision and translate it into a high-quality professional model that depicts your business precisely. They know which aspects to showcase and how to depict your services and image accurately to viewers since they specialize in this aspect of business & marketing. 

Front-End Optimization

Your website needs to look professional and polished so that it attracts viewers and retains their interest; it should be visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and credible. Professionalism will lend authority to your solution, helping you stand out against the competition and ultimately pulling customers into a sales funnel purchase/booking. First impressions are everything, so choosing a pro who can carry out brand consistency (palettes, logos, layouts, icons) and strategic placement (CTA buttons, subscriptions, prompts, pages) will make your site cohesive and assertive. Web designers have a knack for creativity and logistics.Β 

Webmaster Services

Web designers act as ongoing tech support. They’ll help maintain your site’s SEO, linking, tagging, etc., while sometimes offering extra roles like hosting and domain registration. 

Hiring a professional website designer will get you those click-to-client conversions while adding another support to your team. Take the weight of creation & upkeep off your shoulders and get a professional web developer to build you the site of your dreams