8 Reasons to Choose the Google Cloud Platform For Your Business

Did you know that the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) posted 153% year-on-year revenue growth in 2020? This statistic illustrates the growing strength of GCP in the cloud data management industry. 

This is hardly surprising. When we consider Google Cloud Platform advantages, we see that they are offering a range of data hosting and data management and deployment tools for businesses of all sizes. 

If you are considering your cloud hosting options, what do you need to know? What are the benefits of choosing Google and your provider?

Why not check out our in-depth article to find out. 

1. Competitive Pricing

Unlike other cloud providers, Google charges for use of its cloud services in minute-level increments. If you are a small startup with a particularly tight budget, you can calculate exactly how much it will cost using Google’s transparent pricing structure and calculator

Interestingly, Google also rewards long term use of its services. Should you use its services, such as Virtual Machines over an extended period of time, you are rewarded with a discount.

It seems that Google tries to reward small businesses as much as larger clients. 

2. Big Data Management

in 2020, big businesses bring big data. Analytics of sales, marketing, and brick-and-mortar store performance can gather a very large amount of information. Here is where Google’s own data analysis software comes into play. 

By directing this large amount of data to the cloud, you can benefit from Google’s big data analysis tools such as the BigQuery toolset

You can analyze large amounts of data without it taking up valuable space on your local servers. Further, you can use Google’s server processing power to crunch these numbers. 

This reduces the footprint of data and workload on your local machines significantly.

3. Strong Global Network

If you choose to store your data on a cloud location, you are reliant on the performance of the provider’s network. Fortunately, Google invests as much or more in its hardware than in its software. 

Google has a global network that is entirely private and secure. For example, in July 2020, Google announced the completion of the Grace Hopper cable. This Google-owned cable runs between New York, Spain, and the United Kingdom. That is a distance of over 3200 miles. The cable has the capability of transporting 350 terabytes of data per second. 

This example gives you an idea of the high standard of physical infrastructure that Google is aiming for. You can be sure that you have access to your data at the fastest speed that science allows.

4. Live Virtual Machine Support

If you are considering running virtual machines (VM) from your cloud location, Google can offer some impressive advantages. 

Google offers the opportunity to benefit from live migrations of your VMs. This means that you can migrate your live session from one machine to another without suffering downtime.

This is particularly helpful when you are using VMs as website servers. You can repair, install updates, or otherwise make changes without reboots.

5. Service Speed

If you are concerned that your systems or site may suffer lag during peak times, then you can rest assured that Google has this covered. 

Google offers a service known as Google Compute Engine Servers. This essentially means that as your VMs become busier and busier, Google will allot more and more space to meet the demand. 

In fact, Google offers an infinite number of machines to meet your demand. Of course when demand falls these will be scaled back to your regular need. 

This is the beauty of Google Cloud Services. You can upscale in a matter of moments to meet emerging needs. However, during other times, you can shrink your footprint and thus lower the cost.

6. Impressive Security

Whether your data is in transit from your machine to the cloud, traveling between Google servers, or moving between Google data centers, Google will keep it safe. They employ 256 AES encryption with several other layers of encryption at key points to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities. 

Google further has a close relationship with major internet service providers. This means that they can collaborate to provide a secure transition of your data from your machine to the data center. 

If you are looking for a further layer of security, why not consider a Google Cloud VPC? This will enable you to employ further levels of security around your data.

7. Expanding Google Cloud Regions

Google supports its impressive infrastructure by means of internationally located data centers. 

Google has data centers on all contents and is increasing their number constantly. They recently pledged $10 billion dollars to improve their data centers and services in the USA alone.

8. Inbuilt Redundancy

Cloud service providers may offer many services. However, consumers are most interested in the reliability of the service. Losing VMS, webservers, or access to data for even a short time could prove very damaging to a company.

Google builds in epic levels of redundancy to avoid any downtime. Your data is stored in state of the art data centers with guaranteed security and maintenance. However, to avoid loss in the case of a catastrophe, they will also back up your data in another region. This data will be constantly checked to ensure that it is up to date. 

While it is never possible to guarantee that data will never be lost, the chance of catastrophic data loss from Google Cloud Services is statistically highly unrealistic.

Google Cloud Platform Advantages and Much More

There are a growing number of cloud data management services available for companies of all sizes. However, when they consider Google Cloud platform advantages, many are choosing the flexible technology and reasonable pricing structure that it provides. 

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