8 qualities to look when selecting your building contractor in London

     When evaluating your options, you should take into account a number of factors that will help your projects in London to be carried out in the most satisfactory way, with the most knowledgeable professionals in the field and with your budget in mind. Here are the qualities to take into account when choosing your ideal construction company:

Verifiable and relevant experience

Evaluating the nature of the project and knowing in depth its details, such as scope, square meters and conditions, will facilitate the decision-making process regarding the company to choose. Thanks to these details you will be able to know if your ideal company has previously carried out similar projects and thus, know if it has the necessary experience.

The best team

While it is true that knowing if the company you are looking for has experience doing projects similar to yours is important, knowing if the team that will lead your project has the necessary tools and experience for the project is even more relevant. Asking the company for the resumes of the team that will be in charge of the project is a good starting point to know the projects previously carried out by the staff.

References and reviews

It is important to look for testimonials, references and reviews from clients who have previously hired the services of the company in order to evaluate the quality of the service, the treatment of the client and if they have the capacity to solve the problems that arise as the project progresses.

Within your budget

It may be tempting to choose the contractor that gives you the lowest budget for your project, but that may mean that your project will have construction problems later on. So, ideally, the construction company you hire should be committed to the quality of the project and should be as close to your budget as possible.


What should be sought is to partner with teams of subcontractors with verifiable experience in the construction industry, who have a track record in the field and are recognized for performing high quality work.

Insurance, bonds and licenses

Ask for insurance certifications stating that the company to be hired has liability insurance, property damage and workers’ compensation up to date. This way, you can ensure that you have some type of guarantee and compensation in case the company is unable to complete the project or performs it poorly.


The company must be 100% committed to safety policies for projects to be truly successful. There are parameters such as the experience modification rate (EMR) and the OSHA 300 and 300a records that measure and account for the probability of work-related illnesses and accidents. You can ask for these records to find out how committed the company is to the safety of its workers. Undoubtedly, accidents can occur even if the company is committed to safety, so evaluating the rates can give you information about whether workplace accident rates are out of the ordinary.

Understanding and appreciation of your objectives

Finally, the company you choose must have a strong sense of commitment to your project vision. In this way, every decision made will be part of the fulfillment of your objectives and thus the success of the project.

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