8 Proven Exercises to Get Rid of Hip Dips At Home

“The gentle inward curve found above your thighs and below your hips are the Hip Dips.”

With more than 40% increased regular searches than last year, hip dips have become a common annoyance area for many women.

Is this a flex? Is there any way to get rid of these waving dips? Slow down if you have streamed fitness videos suggesting lower body workouts or looking out for big arse exercises. After doing intense research on why this hips dip is such a big concern and how one can get rid of it by simple exercise at home, we found 8 proven exercises for hip dips that have worked miraculously in shaping violin hips. But first, let’s understand briefly what hip dip is and its causes.

What are Hip Dips? What are the causes of Hip Dips?

The small inward depression along the sides of your body below the hip bone are hip dips or violin dips. Apart from the curves following your hips’ outer edges that seem shaped from the protractor, they have indents. They are, therefore, part of normal body structure and sometimes are slightly noticeable.
Hips Dips occur at the trochanter. It is the joint where the skin is attached or tethered to the deeper part of the thigh bone and is caused due to the amount of fat and its distribution in the body structure. Therefore, these can be less or more, depending on the shape of the pelvis, width of thighs, and body fat.

Are Hip Dips Good or Bad?

When reduced to a skeleton, all the body structures have an indentation at the joint where hip bone meets the thigh top. To all those who think hip dips demonstrate bone deformity, you’re wrong. This small indentation is the normal part of your bone structure and has nothing to do with bad health.
It is entirely normal, but if your hip dips are visible and restrict you from wearing your favourite dresses, simply add the best hip dip workouts that will help focus you on thighs, hips, glutes, and ab.

Strengthen Your Hip Flexors Through These 8 Exercises

When you increase lower body strength, it also helps you get rid of fat at your thighs, which will help you get the ideal rounded shape to your buttocks. Try these exercises and see a drastic improvement in no time.


Tone hips, thighs, and butt focussing on glutes muscles and gluteus Medius.
⦁ Stand with your hip feet-width apart and knee hinges to get into a squat position.
⦁ Make sure to track your knees over the toes and don’t extend them.
⦁ Put your body weight in heels, pushing your body back to a standing position, squeezing the glutes.
10 Rep-2 set

Glute Bridges:

Help strengthen your core, spine, neck, activating the stabilizer muscles.

⦁ Lie on your back and bring your heels a few inches away from your buttocks. Knees should point up in this position.
⦁ Bring your feet to the shoulder-width distance, point your toes outward and bend your knees to engage the side glutes.
⦁ Keeping your back on the floor, push your pelvis up. The movement for this needs to come from the waist down, squeezing the glutes while pushing up. Release your body and repeat.
10 Rep-2 set

Hip Abduction:

Best for relief in Knee and Hip pain, comfortable walk, leg rotations, and stand upright.
⦁ Lie on one side, placing your arm in front of your chest to support the upper body.
⦁ Keep your upper body and core still, lifting the other side’s leg.
⦁ Lower your back, release the leg, and repeat.
10 Rep-2 set

Fire Hydrants:

Glute toning and sculpting them.
⦁ Place your hand and knees down on the mat in a tabletop position, keeping the back straight and engaging your core.
⦁ Raise your leg outward at a 90-degree angle, bringing it to the glute level. Hold on to this position for 20-30 seconds. Release and Repeat.
10 Rep-2 set/side

Banded Clamshell:

Balanced muscular effort in both outer and inner thigh and pelvic floors.
⦁ Lay on one side on the mat, placing your head on the arm.
⦁ Move your hips from a 45-degree angle to a 90-degree angle.
10 Rep-2 set /side

Side Curtsy Lunges:

Gain stability and strength in the lower body.
⦁ Stand with your feet hip-width apart, coming to a deep crusty position.
⦁ Cross the legs lunging to the opposite side and come back to the front foot.
10 Rep-2 set/side

Side Lunges:

Increase stability, balance, and strength while, burning inner and outer thighs Fats.
⦁ Stand on the mat with a leg raised forward.
⦁ Bend down on the mat with hands on the waist and straight back.
10 Rep-2 set/side

Leg Kickbacks:

For leg strengthening and rounded buttock
⦁ Get down on the floor in a tabletop position.
⦁ Extend one leg behind your back, keeping it straight.
⦁ Swing it behind and move it in an arc position.
⦁ Return to the center and repeat the sets.
10 Rep-2 set/both legs

You Have To Get Your Form Right For No Hip Dips

While doing the exercises, always look yourself in the mirror to ensure correct poses. For the exercises that need to be done from one side at a time, always start with the weaker side and have straight backs. It will help to simplify the workout by putting more strength in the weaker parts.
Begin with 1-2 sets every day and then gradually increase the count. Try to spare at least 20 minutes 4-6 times a week to perform these exercises.


Summing up all the facts, hip dips are part of normal body structure and nothing to be concerned about. The list of exercises discussed in this blog will help you mitigate the shape, build muscle mass, tone, and strengthen the body parts.