8 Myths & Facts About Depression + Self-Help Tips

If you have been wondering what facts about depression are true and which are myths, keep reading. You will find everything in the article. 

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Depression 101: Main 8 Myths & True Facts to Know About and Some Tips to Help You

Depression is one of the most common mental health illnesses among people of different nationalities, ages, and social statuses. Unfortunately, due to the latest events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people experience the symptoms of this mental disorder, and the number of people diagnosed with depression keeps growing every day. 

It’s worth noting that not all people know the true information about this mental disorder and believe in many widespread myths on the Internet. Therefore, to effectively cope with depression, it’s vital to know what’s true and what’s not. 

Down below, you will find facts and myths about depression and how online therapy can help you cope with it and live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Let’s get started! 

Facts and Myths About Depression

People’s assumptions about depression are diverse, but not all of them are true. Some misconceptions persist, but it’s vital to know how the real things are. 

Here are some common myths about depression. It’s high time to stop thinking it’s true: 

  • Depression is not a real mental illness
  • It is always a cause of a sad situation
  • It is pretty rare
  • Depression is a women’s problem
  • This illness disappears on its own
  • Depression is the same for every person
  • Children don’t suffer from depression
  • It is a sign of weakness

On the contrary, here are the main facts that you should know about depression. Check them out: 

Fact 1

Though many people confuse depression and sadness, it’s a complex mental condition that requires professional help and treatment. 

If a person doesn’t turn to a therapist, things may get worse, and the process might also require medications. 

Fact 2

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Sad life situations can be the cause of depression. However, there are plenty of other different reasons and risk factors that can contribute to depression. These are very individual, and healthcare professionals use a personalized approach to treatment. 

Fact 3

Unfortunately, depression is a common problem for people. Globally, over 260 million people suffer from it. Not all of them know about it and confuse it with other mental issues or emotional challenges. 

Fact 4

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Depression in men is common. But because they tend not to share their emotions and feelings, they may not recognize that they have depression and need treatment. 

Fact 5

The longer you struggle with depression, the worse you may feel. Once you identify the symptoms of depression, you should consult with an experienced mental health professional who will diagnose you and develop a treatment plan. 

Fact 6

Depression isn’t the same for everyone. Every person is unique and so are their experiences. Therefore, all people go through it differently and might need different approaches to deal with it. 

Fact 7

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It’s a common misconception that depression is an adult mental disorder. Children can also suffer from depression, although it may be harder to identify the symptoms. 

Fact 8

Depression is not a sign of personal weakness. It’s simply a red flag that tells a person it’s time to slow down, take care of their well-being, and make some quality life changes to lead a better life.

If you have some symptoms of depression, don’t hesitate to turn for professional help. It is a serious mental illness that can be aggravated by negligence. The sooner you get expert support from a qualified therapist, the faster your treatment process will start. 

Depression negatively affects all spheres of your life, and it’s important to deal with it to get back on track and get the most of your life.  

How to Cope with Depression: Self-Help Tips

Therapy Sessions

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The first and main thing to do while coping with depression in men and women is getting professional help. Considering that most people are busy working adults trying to juggle their personal and career life, it’s not that easy to find time and regularly attend sessions. 

In this care, online therapy on such platforms as Calmerry is a perfect alternative. It enables people to connect with experienced therapists and start their journey to a healthy life.

There are plenty of online services that help people deal with depression and other mental problems. A therapist will come up with a personalized treatment plan that will make you an emotionally healthy person. 

You will have a chance to talk about everything that bothers you, find the root of depression, and solve other emotional issues that might hold you back. 

It’s worth noting that with online therapy, you can have sessions online from any device you want at any time. 

Rely on Your Friends and Family

Dealing with depression ain’t easy, and you don’t have to do this on your own. To make your progress faster, you should talk to your close friends, family, or life partner and discuss the way you feel. 

A strong support network will contribute to your progress, and you will feel more emotionally safe. 

Relaxation Techniques

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Along with regular talk sessions, a therapist will equip you with relaxation techniques to boost your progress. These include breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, journaling, etc. 

You can try them out even if you don’t attend therapy sessions yet. It will help you get back your inner harmony, bring joy to your life, and better understand yourself and your feelings. 

Healthy Food & Regular Physical Activities

Also, many professionals recommend focusing on a healthy lifestyle, keeping a balanced diet, and eating more fruits, vegetables, and other products rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. 

It’s better to combine it with regular physical activity that will be a perfect way to fight depression and get rid of negative thoughts. It’s a natural way that makes your body release hormones that reduce the level of cortisol that provokes stress and can cause depression. 

Learn Something New

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Depression makes you feel indifferent to the world around you, and, usually, people lose interest in things that used to bring them enjoyment. Acquiring some new skills, whether it’s a new hobby, foreign language, or whatever you want, will help you stay social, active and keep you distracted from negative thinking. 

Gradually, it will minimize your depressive mood and make you feel better.

Final Words 

Once you know all the truth about depression, it will be easier for you to fight it. It’s crucial to timely diagnose it and start the treatment process to achieve positive results and get rid of symptoms that hold you back from living the life you want. 

Feel free to turn for professional video or text therapy to easily connect with a qualified therapist who will come up with efficient treatment. This is the most affordable and convenient way to help you get your peace of mind back so you can enjoy your life all over again and improve your general well-being. 

Author Bio

Kate has a B.S. in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has been working in healthcare since 2017. She mainly treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, grief, identity, relationship, and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience is focused on individual and group counseling.

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