8 Must-Have Products for New Cat Owners

It is a well-known fact that the younger generation is more inclined to raising pets than rear children. Individuals pour all their love, effort, and resources towards their pets by providing them with the best products and services that they can afford. 

For first-time pet parents, adopting a new cat is a nerve-wracking experience. There are a lot of things to prepare. Sometimes, overthinking can render you restless and fail to gather the necessities beforehand. 

Luckily, we got you covered. We have the perfect essentials list for new cat owners, from choosing the best cat beds down to choosing their next favorite toy. 

For their Basic Needs

  1. Food 

Before you bring home your new baby, make sure to pile up on the best cat food available. Don’t just buy any cat food that you come across with. Make sure to stop and check the label. 

If you are homing a new kitten, check if the cat food you plan to buy is suitable for the young cat. Go for brands that offer balanced and complete nutrition for them. Kittens need these more as they are still growing and gaining strength. 

And if you are to choose between dry and canned wet food, go for the canned wet ones. These are better for the cat’s digestion. Both varieties, however, are loaded with the necessary nutrients for their diet. 

If you want to be extra careful with their consumption, choose cat food brands that are free from the most common allergens for cats. Some examples include corn, gluten, and soy. 

As much as possible, avoid stocking on products that have large portions of grain if you still want them to fit snugly in their heated cat beds. 

Grain isn’t a natural part of a cat’s diet as they are carnivores. When cat food includes grain, it often acts as fillers. It also adds unnecessary calories for your beloved pet.  

  1. Food and Water Dishes

Once you stock up on food, it’s only natural to buy them their utensils as well. Provide them with separate bowls for their food and water. 

Having separate bowls means that they have readily accessible water at all times, as it has its separate container. Sparing a different container for their food also avoids mixing in water with their food. 

It’s also easier to portion the food when it has its own separate container. 

  1. Bed

Your pets deserve to be as comfortable as they can inside their homes. They can always stay with you in your bed, but they do need a space of their own. They are sure to enjoy some alone and comfortable time on their heated cat beds. 

These beds come in different designs too. You can choose one that best fits the personality of your cat. There are cat bed caves where they can enter and be surrounded by all of the fluff that comes with it. 

You can look up how to make a cat bed online, or you can buy marshmallow cat beds from trusted brands like The Meowy. This brand produces high-quality calming cat beds that come in different colors and sizes. Even by looking at the images of their beds, you’d wish to fit in to feel the comfort it provides. 

  1. Crates or Carriers 

This might not seem like an essential buy for new cat owners, but crates and pet carriers are handy for homing new cats, especially kittens and adopted adult cats. 

Owning younger pets or newly adopted ones means frequent trips to the veterinarian to keep their health in check. Sure, it’s easy to carry a cat, but they can be restless sometimes, making it difficult to hold them in one place. On the other hand, adopted cats may not warm up to you immediately. 

Bag carriers and crate boxes make transport quick and without fuss. 

For Their Comfort

  1. Litter Box 

It’s impossible to live with a cat without owning a litter or sandbox. 

Cats are known for their rather distinctive toilet manners. If you want to avoid any toilet-related mishaps, don’t forget to prepare their litter box even before taking them home. 

Make sure that the box is low enough so they won’t have trouble entering it. The box should also be large enough for your cats to be comfortable inside. 

The litter inside the box can either be plant-based or clay-based. The safer option, however, is a plant-based litter box. Clay-based litter can cause digestion problems when ingested by cats. It’s better safe than sorry. 

To catch any stray litter after the cat’s session inside, place a mat underneath the box. 

  1. Grooming Tools 

Pile a stock of the essential pet grooming tools, such as nail clippers and combs. Even if cats are notoriously hygienic using their own methods, grooming tools help ensure that they are thoroughly clean and presentable. 

Owners of long-haired cat breeds always have brushes or combs handy. It helps with the shedding and in maintaining the healthy condition of the fur. It can also be quite therapeutic for the owner to run a comb through their pet’s hair over and over again. 

Nail clippers, on the other hand, are needed for several reasons. Apart from grooming, it is also to ensure the safety of the owners, especially if there are children around. 

Cats have sharp claws as they naturally use them for survival. But, fully sheltered cats don’t need it as much as they used to. You can trim their claws regularly to lessen the incidents of scratching or unintentional clawing. 

  1. Toys

Playtime is one of the significant bonding moments you can have with your cat. 

Go all out with preparing all the toys that you can. From store-bought dangling lures to your house keys, it’s essential to engage in some form of interactive play with your cat. Almost anything can be a cat’s toy. You can even spend hours of playtime by letting them chase a laser pointer or letting them play with empty boxes. 

Aside from spending some quality time together, playtime among kittens is also essential. Like children, your cat also needs to interact with different toys to hone its growth and development. 

  1. Scratch Posts 

If you want to spare your couch or any uncovered surface in your house, you need to have a scratch post. It’s part of a cat’s nature to sharpen its claws by scratching them on a rough surface. As a responsible owner, you need to provide this to avoid cats sharpening their claws elsewhere. 

Scratch posts can be store-bought or homemade. Home-made posts can be something as simple as empty kitchen towel rolls entwined with twine or thin rope. Simply insert the roll in an upright rod, and you’re good to go. 

Store-bought scratching posts appear similar, but they can be something as extravagant as cat towers. Cat towers have everything a cat can want. It has boxes, leveled landings, and a scratch post. It can be pretty expensive. But, if you have money and some extra space to spare, then why not? 


Raising a pet is not as easy as it seems. It most definitely isn’t a walk in the park. It can be taxing and expensive. But, it is worth it. 

Raising cats, in particular, demands particular efforts from the owner. Some cats have a bit of personality and temperament. But, that makes them even more lovable and worth the effort and resources. 

If you are planning on raising one, make sure to get all the essentials—stock up on the basics, such as food and utilities. Then, invest in products that will make their life with you even better. 

Be a responsible cat parent!


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