8 market trends to boost a business

The country’s political and economic crisis has raised doubts for many entrepreneurs regarding the future of their business and investments. Of course, the moment is one of caution and greater dedication, but that does not mean that there are no  great opportunities  arising to boost a business.

Some trends in business models, business  strategies and methodologies are expected to gain strength in the coming year, guaranteeing a revolution in the business world. Whoever is aware of these innovations should reap good results and promote a sustainable development of investments and companies.

Are you interested? Discover now 8 market trends to boost a business!

1. More efficient loyalty programs

Many companies do not yet have a loyalty program or, those that do, do not have a strategic focus for proper engagement. This happens, many times, due to the lack of knowledge about the applied methodologies and lack of time to work on them.

The use of specific software, such as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in the cloud, will be increasingly adopted to solve these problems and ensure more efficient strategies to delight customers.

Based on the records, the system can make a behavioral reading of the customers, allowing the company to anticipate problems, needs and desires, surprising them with a contact at the exact moment. In addition, loyalty program systems will be dedicated to building a more personal and personalized relationship.

2. Greater focus on the customer experience

With the advancement of internet technologies, the profile of the consumer has changed. Today, when a customer contacts the company to purchase a product or service, he has come a long way researching everything about it on the internet, from a mobile device, for example.

This makes it essential to adopt means to enrich the customer’s experience of contact with the company, regardless of the resources used. The experience he acquires along the way is what will determine whether he will buy from your company or not.

Increasingly, the customer will not look at the price, but at the quality, payment and service, which will form a set of requirements. If they exceed their expectations, they will become loyal. Thus, we can say that the focus of companies has shifted from reaching sales targets to achieving customers.

3. Business migration to the cloud

Internal processes must be migrated to the internet through fully hosted cloud systems, adding mobility to the resources, operational and strategic management of the company.

Soon, the presence in companies will no longer be so important. It will not even be necessary to have a physical business, since the offices will be online and the inventories will be replaced by direct deliveries from the producer or supplier.

Imagine how much time and money can be saved with mobility and physical structures. This trend may already be a reality, considering the resources and methods that we have available today.

4. Process automation

An important trend to boost a business will be the automation of processes. Many companies will be able to save managers’ time so that they are more dedicated to strategic business management.

In addition, other resources, such as qualified labor, can be exchanged for equipment and automation software to make automatic the execution of several tasks that were previously performed manually and repetitively.

This trend will make it possible to produce more, in less time and with higher quality, reducing the waste generated by human failures. There are already companies using these systems, mainly in the industrial sector, but the trend should extend to the commercial and service sector in the coming years.

5. Digitizing the business

As I said at the beginning, the consumer is increasingly engaged in the virtual environment. This makes it necessary to increase the online presence of companies so as not to lose competitive strength in the face of such a competitive market.

Sites, blogs, social networks and applications must work in an integrated way to provide a service wherever customers are and at any time they want, improving interactivity and providing better experiences for them.

6. Business Intelligence

Consider the amount of data generated in a business during its entire time in operation. Now, think about whether you could retain and manipulate it to build accurate information. This is already possible, but many entrepreneurs do not know.

Big Data and Big Data Analytics systems are still little known, being an increasingly strong trend to boost a business in the coming years. They offer features that allow the company to identify consumption patterns and anticipate demand forecasts for products and services.

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Risks and threats can be anticipated sufficiently in advance for managers to act, as well as strengths and opportunities can be identified more quickly, enabling the potentialization of business strengths. This tool tends to increase control of companies, making businesses smarter.

7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, as we know it, must change dramatically. Invasive advertisements, which keep away more than attract customers, should be replaced by a new methodology: Inbound Marketing (Attraction Marketing).

Combined with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, Inbound Marketing will be used as the most efficient method in customer attraction, retention and loyalty strategies, especially online. In addition, this trend should contribute to improving the site’s positions in search engines, such as Google, for example.

The technique, in short, is structured on a corporate blog, extending to the company’s website, social networks and applications, where content, in various media formats, will deliver information of high relevance to consumers in exchange for a contact and, in the future, of an acquisition.

8. Franchises to boost a business

Faced with political and economic uncertainties, entrepreneurs are looking for less and less risky alternatives for their investments, even though they need to give up  higher returns .

In this context, franchises become a bigger and much safer trend because they represent businesses that have already worked, in addition to having a good consolidation in the market. Best of all, profitability can be very attractive, not increasing investors’ risk for that.

Franchises offer a standardized structure, training and support services to franchisees, increasing the time available for the entrepreneur to focus on strategic management and dedicate themselves more to family and leisure moments.

In addition to being a  safer way to invest , the entrepreneur can reap really satisfactory results.

Many of these trends are already used to boost a business, but by few entrepreneurs. You can take the opportunity to put them into practice and develop a strong competitive advantage, standing out in the market.

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