8 Factors to Consider with Remodels for Kitchens

Kitchen remodels can cost as much as $50,000 depending on how lavish you go. While we doubt that most of you reading this post will dive that deep into the hole when crafting the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll certainly spend considerable money as you work through your project.

Why are people willing to invest so much into their kitchens?

Because kitchens, in many households, are the heart of the home. A place where people gather, communicate, and work together to craft delicious things.

If you’re considering going down the remodels for kitchens road to improve your space, there are things you’ll want to consider before getting started. Curious to know what those things are? If so, keep reading!

1. Your Budget

There’s no consideration more important to start with when working on a kitchen than your kitchen remodeling budget. How much money you have to spend will inform everything from what you can work on, to materials you’ll buy, to how long your project will take.

Go through your budget carefully and make practical choices based on what you can afford. Also, budget an extra 15% or so in overage costs because projects always tend to run a little more expensive than anticipated.

By being disciplined when it comes to your budget, you’ll avoid the all too common fate of your home looking like a construction zone for months or years.

2. Potential Savings You Can Claim

Even if you have money to hire a professional cabinet maker or to replace all of your countertops, as an exercise, we ask people to figure out simple ways they can cut back on expenses.

For example, can you paint your existing cabinets to refurbish them rather than buying new? Can you opt for a countertop topper rather than new counters?

Play with these ideas, see how much they’d save you, and then decide whether or not the savings are worth it.

3. Snags in Your Housing Agreement

Do not start construction on your kitchen before knowing for sure if you have the right to remodel your home. If you’re renting or leasing, chances are you don’t. If your house is under an HOA charter, you’ll want to read the charter to make sure none of your creative decisions violate your obligations.

Some city ordinances even prohibit certain remodeling projects.

Go through all of your paperwork and ask a lot of questions so you don’t end up having to revert your space later.

4. Complications of Electrical Work

As you take out cabinets or remove lighting fixtures, you’re going to run into wires. When you do, are you prepared to manage them?

Electrical wiring presents a serious risk of fire danger. That’s why electrical work is governed by all sorts of regulatory workflows.

If you’re unaware of what those workflows are, hire an electrician.

Bad electrical work ruins property and takes lives. Saving money by tackling that work DIY is not a good decision.

5. Your Schedule

Don’t start remodels for kitchens unless you have the time to finish them. Plenty of people have had a free weekend, decided to gut their kitchens, and now live in a home with a demolished space because they haven’t had the time since to finish their work.

You deserve more than to be living in a house that’s partially finished. The best way to award yourself that entitlement is to ensure you have the bandwidth to commit to your work or have the budget to hire help should you fall behind.

6. Matching Floors

Don’t forget about your floors when you’re remodeling your kitchen! There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that redoes its cabinets, appliances, counters, and then has a mismatching floor that ruins the motif of the space.

It may be that your floor is neutral enough to blend into your kitchen’s remodeled components.

If that’s the case, great! If that’s not the case, either design your kitchen around your floor or plan on replacing it.

7. Where You’ll Eat During Your Remodel

Whether you live alone or with family, you’ll need to prepare food during your kitchen remodel. How will you and/or your loved ones achieve that end?

Most people will move appliances like their toasters, microwaves, or refrigerators to a garage space and operate out of there during their kitchen projects. Others will commit to takeout.

Whatever you decide to do, give it some thought before you get started on your project so you’re not caught off guard.

8. Return on Investment

We hate to burst your bubble but the odds of you getting your kitchen remodel expenditures back when you sell your house are slim. Very few home improvements result in a return on investment.

Look up the average returns kitchen remodels will net you and make sure that the emotional return you’ll get from using your new space bridges the gap.

Remodels for Kitchens Reinvigorate Homes

Hiring a kitchen remodeling service or DIY tackling your kitchen job not only makes your eating space shine. It can add a glow to your entire home!

That overarching improvement is well worth investing in if you can swing it financially.

Our team hopes that the guidance we’ve given you helps organize your remodel and that things go off without a hitch. If you find yourself in need of more remodels for kitchens guidance, we’ve got your covered. Head back to our website and explore more of the helpful content we have available on our blog.