8 Effective Ways To Reduce or Eliminate Snoring Problem

To get relaxed sleep without disturbance of snoring sound, here are different ways in the form of natural or medical ways that can help one reduce snoring. These are some of the effective snore relief to consider. 

While we all are familiar with the snoring problem and the way it becomes the butt of jokes among gatherings, one cannot disregard the severity of the snoring issue on one’s health. As per research, around 25% of the people are habitual snorers, and 45% of them are adults. With the multiple anti-snoring products available in the market, it often becomes confusing about the ways that are simple yet effective to combat snoring problems.

Below are some natural and medical ways to consider to reduce snoring as per the severity- 

Lose weight to reduce snoring:

It is not the myth but scientific proof that obesity causes regular snoring. The excess fat around the neck region narrows the airway passage obstructing breathing. Therefore, quitting an unhealthy lifestyle and improper eating habits with a mix of regular exercise will solve half of the snoring problem.

Put a stop to smoking and alcohol:

While many consume muscle relaxants like alcohol and smoking to reduce stress, the fact is undeniable that they trigger the snoring sound. As they cause inflammation into the throat muscles towards the airway, it causes the snoring sound, and hence, one should stop its consumption at least 4 hours before bedtime. 

Change in sleeping posture:

While one often overlooks the sleeping posture as a not-so-important factor, it plays a crucial role in increasing the snoring noise. Sleeping on the back relaxes the throat tissue inside the airway thus causing narrowness and snoring. Therefore, sleeping on the sideway works as a simple step towards minimizing the snoring sound to a moderate level. 

Say no to sedatives: 

One of the effective snore relief is to put a stop to consuming sedatives before bedtime. They relax the muscle and triggers snoring sound to a great level. Hence, putting an end to it creates an enormous positive difference. 

Use of oral appliances:

If the above natural ways aren’t showing any effective results, they advise it to switch to medical treatments with doctor consultation. The oral appliances clear the air passage,  helping the snorer to breathe smoothly without putting pressure on the throat. 

Chinstrap or anti-snoring spray: 

For some, the cause of snoring sound is either mouth breathing or nasal blockage. For the former, chin strap like devices works well as it forces one to breathe from the nose. For the latter, the anti-snoring nasal spray is highly effective as it removes the airway blockage promoting smooth breathing process. 

CPAP devices for adverse situations:

When the above ways are not effective and the situation becomes adverse, CPAP devices work effectively as these machines put extra pressure to keep the airway open, reducing obstructive breathing. 

Surgical procedures:

If medical devices also take a back seat in giving any fruitful results, it is time to consult the doctor for surgical procedures. Correcting the nose structure for any deviation, shortening of the uvula to promote no tissue vibration, and cutting off the soft tissues to clear the airway passage for clear breathing are some surgical procedures performed under doctor’s supervision. 



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