8 Effective Home Cleaning Tips to Stay Green During Quarantine

People all over the world have been dealing with the recent pandemic, with more and more people spending time at home than they used to.


Although times like these can be frustrating, you can use uncertainties like these to introduce positive changes in your home. Maintaining a clean home is essential to keep germs and viruses away to keep you and your family healthy.


Here are eight eco-friendly cleaning practices that allow you to stay green during quarantine:

1. Grab a lemon

Lemons have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They can also act as a natural deodorizer in your home because of its high acidic content.


Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can use lemon in your home.


  • If your pans made of copper have already darkened due to wear and tear, soak it with lemon in baking powder or salt to help bring up its former glory.
  • Mix white vinegar and lemon peel in a jar, let it marinate for a couple of days, then strain the peel to use the vinegar as a cleaner.
  • A small dish that has lemon juice and vinegar will also help absorb odors.

2. Try baking soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is just like lemon is one of the natural cleaners that you can use as well. This alkaline mixture acts as a gentle abrasive, deodorant, and so much more.


A thick paste of baking soda mixed with water can help remove rust. Moreover, a liquid mixture of water and baking soda can also work as an all-purpose cleaner that’s great in getting rid of grease.


According to Maid Sailors, maid service Jersey City “Natural cleaning is a growing trend in the home cleaning market. It’s a practical approach to getting things cleaned without using or exposing yourself on dangerous cleaning chemicals”

3. Choose white vinegar

White vinegar is a weak acetic acid that can clean your home. It contains strong antibacterial properties as well.


When you dilute white vinegar along with water, it can effectively get rid of stains from textiles.


It can also work as an excellent natural deodorizer in your home and can be used with other natural products such as lemon to get rid of odors.

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You can simmer it with water on the stove when you’re cooking to remove any cooking odors. White vinegar can also get rid of strong scents in your home when you cook fish, garlic, and onion.

4. Cultivate a houseplants

If you find yourself stuck at home during quarantine, you can still make the most of your time by introducing a little bit of nature to your home.


You don’t need to have an outdoor garden to putter in as you wait for the virus to pass. Maybe you only have a small rooftop or patio deck. But regardless of that, you can still try introducing a little green by creating a small indoor garden and cultivating houseplants.


Plants can transform any living space, making it your little oasis. Although plants may not be the cure to coronavirus, it can do wonders for both your body and mind.


In fact, according to the Journal of Health Psychology, just 30 minutes of gardening can reduce cortisol or your body’s stress hormones. They can serve as a fantastic stress buster, and you might need them now more than ever!

5. Buy Green Products

Switching to a greener and more environmentally friendly products help us take care of mother earth. It’s healthier for your overall health, too!


You can sleep better at night, knowing that you’re doing your best to curb out the number of chemicals released in the atmosphere (and your home!)


When you switch to green cleaning products, you no longer have to use those yucky chemicals.

6. Hire a professional

If you don’t have enough time to clean your space, luckily, there are already many green cleaning services out there to make things a lot easier for you.


If you can’t find one in your area, you can look for a service that’s willing to use green cleaning products and methods you specify.

7. Skip air fresheners

Although air fresheners can leave off aroma in the atmosphere to remove odors, without you knowing, they can emit harmful air pollutants indoors that can potentially impair the air quality in your home.

8. Try reusable cloths

Finally, you don’t have to buy rolls of disposable paper towels and wipes to accomplish your cleaning tasks at home.


You can make reusable cloths and rags from clothes that you no longer wear. Just make sure that you disinfect and clean them after use.

Stay Healthy While You’re at Home

Although quarantine can be inconvenient for many people, you can use it as an opportunity to have a clean home while reducing your environmental impact, and using healthier cleaning products.


While doing so, you’re confident that you have a clean and safe home while caring for the planet.