8 Diseases Transmitted By Pests

From Major Pest Control, experts of pest control in Sydney, today we are talking about 8 diseases transmitted by pests. So you can know and protect yourself.

One of the things that are affecting us this year 2020 is that health is paramount. And it is that the course of our lives, our future plans, and our illusions can go to waste if we do not have good health. And we don’t want to be alarmist, but there are threats everywhere. Even what seems unlikely to us may end up happening (if not, let them tell the writers this year, because they are crowning themselves). And one of the things we must be more aware of is pests. If this does not convince you, read this article and you will see.

Pests are not mucus of Australia, you already know that. But many times these produce rejection by mere aesthetic and hygienic issues and we do not take into account what is truly important: the number of diseases that can be transmitted by pests.

Diseases transmitted by rodent pest

Mice and rats are not at all cute as cartoons show. What’s more, they are carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases for humans such as rabies, sodoku, and hantavirus.

Rabies: Rabies is a deadly acute viral disease affecting the central nervous system, extremely dangerous to both humans and pets.

Sodoku: Infectious disease that causes severe fevers and rashes. Also known as rat-bite fever, as it is transmitted in this way.


Hantavirus: It is a potentially deadly virus that is spread by rodents. It causes a lot of fever, muscle aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Anyone’s nightmare!

Diseases transmitted by mosquito pest

We are so used to living with mosquitoes and experiencing their bites that we are not usually alarmed. But those of you with sweet blood, be careful. In certain areas, there are types of mosquitoes that spread dreaded tuberculosis.

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And it is that this disease is well known by all. Not only because of its horrible symptoms, which directly affect the lungs and if not controlled earlier then it can affect other areas such as the circulatory system, the central nervous system, or the digestive system (devastating everything and ultimately causing death); but because of how extremely contagious it is.

 And we already know the havoc that highly contagious diseases cause in societies.

Diseases transmitted by flea pest

It’s not just our four-legged best friends who suffer from fleas. In addition to the diseases they transmit to them, humans can be infected with typhus. Typhus is characterized by recurrent high fever, chills, headache, and rash.

Diseases transmitted by Moth pest

These pesky insects are a class of caterpillars that are extremely harmful before turning into beautiful butterflies. They usually appear in the spring in the pine forests, and, apart from greatly deteriorating these trees, they are harmful to humans and especially to dogs.

In humans, the processionary produces annoying allergic reactions and urticaria, but in poor dogs, it can be fatal. Luckily it is easy to see since they are known under this name because they join each other in long lines, looking like they are going in procession (although they do not carry any steps worth seeing, we have already warned you).

Diseases transmitted by tick pest

Tick ​​bites are very annoying and although most do not transmit diseases, they do carry bacteria or other organisms that can cause Lyme disease or tularemia among others.

Diseases transmitted by bird pest

All our mothers have told us at times that pigeons are “the rats of heaven.” And it is true that birds are carriers of many diseases.

Proof of this is histoplasmosis, transmitted by pigeon droppings. Fatigue, fever, or chest pain characterizes it, and although many humans have no symptoms, if left untreated it can be fatal. You see that pests are not nonsense and can give us great displeasure due to the diseases they transmit. So definitely we recommend calling Pest Control Professionals like us as you see signs of suffering from a plague. They must be controlled as soon as possible!