8 Common Wedding Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Photography is an important part of any wedding, whether you’re the bride or groom or just a guest. Wedding photography can be an expensive luxury, but there are ways to make it less costly. This post will help teach you to avoid the most common mistakes photographers make to get high-quality shots with minimal stress.

1) Choosing the Wrong Photographer

Nowadays, there are tons of different photographers on the market. Photographers will take your payment and promise to deliver an album in a month. Wedding photography is very different from regular family photography or professional photography; many factors have to come together during your wedding day if you want your photos to turn out well. This is especially true when you consider that a quality wedding photographer will spend most of the day attending to every detail, which few other photographers do.

2) Not Communicating with the Photographer

While you may be excited about your wedding and eager to skip over some of the planning to get everything done, don’t skip out on some important meetings. You’ll need to have a meeting with the photographer in which you discuss what exactly you want them to capture during your big day. This is especially important because it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. If you don’t tell your photographer what you want, they may get a lot of shots that you don’t feel are necessary or important.

3) Choosing an Uncomfortable Location

If you don’t have a precise location in mind, it’s easy to let someone lead you to a place that looks good but isn’t suitable for photos. While the photos might turn out perfect, it will be a lot of stress on you and your photographer during the ceremony and reception. This is especially important if you want to get candid photos, which no wedding photographer can guarantee.

4) Choosing a Low-Quality Location or Fee

A lot of photographers take clients to locations that cost very little. While it might seem like a great bargain, doing so will leave you with low-quality photos that are difficult to use in albums considering all of the editing involved. It will also make it harder for your photographer to get candid photos as you’ll be too distracted by your surroundings.

5) Not Setting a Time Limit

If you want to get high-quality photos, you’ll need to set a time limit for your wedding. Wedding photography is expensive, and if you don’t set aside enough time, the photographer will have to work quickly and not capture the best possible shots. If they miss something, they might not be able to go back and take pictures of it later.

6) Hiring an Unprofessional Photographer

Hiring someone unqualified is one of the worst ways to go about it. If you’re moving across the country, it’s important to hire someone who can meet you in person, set up a location, and get everything in order. While phone and Skype work when working with a professional, setting up locations during a wedding is not recommended since the lighting can be so different in each photo.

7) Hiring Someone Without a Wedding Plan

Unless you are looking for pictures for your family’s album, you don’t want to find yourself hiring someone who photographs weddings just because they’re good. It’s important to remember that the wedding is an important part of the day, and so is the photography. If your photographer doesn’t have a plan or doesn’t know what they’re doing, they won’t be able to capture your big day properly.

8) Not Rehearsing

If you’re planning on getting your photographer to come in before the wedding, make sure you practice your poses with them. This is especially important if you’re wearing a dress with poufy sleeves or many layers. When the photographer comes to shoot the wedding, they will want a lot of close-ups; if your arms or sleeves are in their way, it will make their job very difficult.

Choosing the right photographer doesn’t have to break the bank. If you follow these tips, you can find a photographer who’s as affordable as possible and still get great results.