8 Best Whiteboard Animation Maker Software for Designers

We all know that creating an animated video is difficult. But it’s easier because online tools and platforms are very much alive. However, everything will be easier if we find the right whiteboard animation maker. Because in this digital era, video content plays a very important role in every aspect of life.

Here are the best 8 whiteboard animation maker for designers:

1. Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker

This is one of the best whiteboard animation maker on the list. It also lets you create beautiful animations with different video styles and various types of animation.

 It comes with various symbols, diagrams and icons, as well as sound and visual effects that can help bring everything to life. It will help you create videos optimized for all devices that appear directly on any of your device screen.

2. The Explaindio

Explaindio is a powerful tool for collecting 2D and 3D animation, sketches and videos. You can easily create educational videos by combining standard text animation, animated scenes, fonts, characters, and audio clips to get the look and story you want.

3. The Pivot Animator

It is another online program for the creation, editing and publishing of intuitive animated videos. It offers more than 100 fully customizable templates, more than 1300 images and more than 50 music tracks. If you don’t want to use the default items in the library, you can use them.

4. HapYack

HapYak is also a  platform that can help you create educational videos with an active and profitable experience. You can communicate with videos by adding hotspots, links, polls, queries, shopping carts and more. This tool has a built-in scan that tracks clicks anywhere on the video.

5. MySimpleShow

The hand pulls and pulls different objects on the screen exactly as you see in the video made with MySimpleShow, supported by audio blocks. This is a simple tool with a unique explanation mechanism. Choose a story template for your theme, write a story and the program will show you various characters, objects and animations to create a video.

6. Sparkol videos

Sparkol Video Scribe lets you create cartoon animated explanation videos without any design or technical knowledge. With a large library of built-in images and a simple timeline for recording and publishing, you can create videos instantly. Video Scribe also has an excellent audio library with around 200 songs to choose from.

7. Moovly

This is a good software for creating professional animated videos. It contains everything you need to tell a beautiful and easy to understand story with a video tutorial. The software provides a very rich library of predefined scenes, characters, objects and sound recordings. You can use realistic dialogue, lip syncing, and gestures for more engaging videos.

8. The Renderforest

It is an animated drag panel application. You can easily create animated videos by selecting ready-made templates, graphics and symbols and adding multimedia content and text. The renderforest photos differ from other tools in terms of classic hand-drawn styles, as well as special transitions and animations available for each subject.