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Employees are a company’s assets. So, it’s only practical to invest in your employee’s physical and emotional welfare. It will also reduce the risk of workplace accidents and the tendency of employees to take sick leave. It’s a good practice to put together an employee wellness plan.


The best way to do this is to take suggestions from your team about strategies and practices you can put in place. After you have devised a program, monitor the outcomes, and take feedback from the employees about how it’s working out for them.


Keep reading below for a few tips on devising the best Health Plans and encourage healthy living among your employees:


  1. Doctor Visit in the Office

It will be beneficial for your employees if you can bring in a doctor to visit the office on a periodic basis. The doctor can counsel the employees in general health and wellness issues and also address their common health concerns.

This will uplift morale amongst employees as they will get a free checkup from the doctors and be advised on how to treat common health issues.


  1. Onsite Vaccination Programs

Company’s workers will receive benefit from this kind of programs. They will appreciate such programs where they can receive these vaccines at the workplace as some of them can’t manage to get it done on their own due to a busy schedule.


If not arranging for onsite vaccination programs, you can also offer them rebates on getting it done elsewhere. Employees can also be offered rebates from the company on their health insurance. This will act as motivation for them.


  1. Eat Healthy Items

Many diseases can directly be linked to bad eating habits. And busy employees are the biggest victims of this issue. Most employees are constantly on the go and don’t have adequate time to manage proper healthy meals.


Install appliances at the office to make it easier for the employees to carry food from home. A fridge and microwave oven make it easier for them to carry food from home and eat it for lunch.


A juicer, blender, and sandwich press machine can be installed so employees can make lunch at the office. You can also arrange an in-house catering service to provide healthy, subsidized food and drink options. The fridge in the cafeteria can be loaded with healthier juices instead of sugary drinks.


  1. Separate Smoke-Free Zones

Smoking is associated with a large number of deaths around the world. Hence it’s important to promote a smoking free workplace. Start off by establishing most parts of the office as smoke-free zones. The employees may be encouraged to join a ‘quit smoking’ program, which will be subsidized by the company.


Ensure that most of the workplace, including office vehicles, must be smoking free. You can subsidize aids such as therapy or nicotine replacement patches to enhance quitting smoking.


The employees can be inspired to talk to the visiting doctor about the harmful effects of smoking and how to quit it.


  1. Encourage Employees to Workout

Working out is the best way to stay fit so encourage your employees to work out to maintain better health. Sports is an easy option where employees can participate in teams and be able to get a physical workout as well.


Also, arrange fun events like marathon runs or other sporty charity events. Maintain one work-out room for employees and ensure that this room is properly air-conditioned. You should install air conditioning Sydney to ensure to encourage workers for exercise even during summertime.


The best way is to gift employees with gym memberships or have fitness/yoga instructors come in and take sessions for the employees. Encourage the employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator or take public transport to work, which would require them to walk.


  1. Reduce Chair Time

Scientists have stated that people that are sitting down for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack. In order to reduce these harmful effects, take an expert’s review to make the office ergonomic and comfortable.


In addition, educate them about the advantages of inversion therapy and how it can help with their lower back pain.


Employees can be encouraged to eat lunches away from their desks in the cafeteria. Also to take regular breaks during the day and walk away from their desks. Install standing desks and encourage stand-up meetings. Running a ten-minute stretch program daily is also a great idea.


  1. Mental Health Awareness

Employees are constantly battling with mental stress, and this can have an impact on their performance and productivity at the workplace.


To reduce mental health issues amongst the employees, create a mental health plan that encourages positive communication between the employees. Train managers on how to employ the best mental health strategies in the workplace.


Good mental health can promote the productivity of employees. You should organize mental health programs for them and also maintain the environment in the office. During summer, the extreme temperature can increase anger and frustration.


Therefore, employees can not work in adverse weather conditions. You should maintain a good atmosphere by installing ducted aircon Sydney.


  1. Discourage Alcohol Intake

According to health professionals, alcohol consumption increase the risk of a few health complications and diseases such as the liver and heart disease, and cancer of the bowel, throat mouth, and liver.


Impose a ‘No Alcohol’ policy and encourage the employees to join a program addressing the problems with drinking alcohol.


You can also reduce providing alcohol regularly to the workplace and provide non-alcoholic drinks for office functions. Make information and doctors counseling available for the employees where they can learn about the risks of alcohol consumption.


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