8 Best Places to Visit in Destin?

The beach is what draws the majority of visitors to Destin. The beautiful white sand compares with those seen further south in Florida. You will, however, lose out on the other attractions if you linger on the beach. Swim in the Gulf’s warm green seas, play golf on global facilities, or go fishing on a fishing charter from a pier or a boat. If you have already booked your Southwest airlines tickets include these places in your list.

Henderson Beach State Park

Aside from the casual environment, the mile-long beach’s sweetener sand, formed of pure Appalachian quartz, is perhaps the park’s most appealing feature. The gravel keeps the water cold in the summer heat and gives it a green hue. This easy accessibility and pure paradise provides nature paths, barbecuing and picnic areas, and campgrounds, making it a refreshing change of pace from the congested and guest house beaches closer to the resorts. Previous visitors praised the area’s tranquil ambiance and strongly advised people to visit it. The security officers and employees were also praised for their helpful advice and vast area knowledge. Prebook your tickets to get southwestern airlines cheap flights.

The Track Destin

The Track is sure to keep the whole family entertained. Past visitors commented on how well-kept the mini-golf courses are and how much they enjoyed the park’s amenities for kids of all ages. Bumper vehicles and splash boats were very popular with the crowd. In addition, The Track has a thrill zone for those looking for a more intense adrenaline rush. On the Sky flyer ride, visitors may experience the sense of skydiving, while on Hurricane 360, they can spin through the air. Compare price in different dates to get Southwest airlines cheap tickets and save more for shopping.

The boardwalk

The boardwalk, which goes for roughly a quarter of a mile along the water’s edge, is a fantastic free activity that can keep people occupied for hours. There are many stores and restaurants to visit; previous visitors regarded the boardwalk’s establishments as entertaining yet touristy. Visitors may get a bird’s eye view of the ships in the port and spend some time watching as they sail in and leave. After the sun sets, the party will continue at the boardwalk bars and restaurants, where live music is frequently provided. Although there are nightlife choices on the boardwalk, tourists say it still has a family-friendly vibe. Consider something more thrilling if a pleasant stroll down the boardwalk is too soothing for you.

boat excursion

You may take a boat excursion in Destin. Destin has the biggest for-hire fishing fleet in the United States, according to the Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau. Consider scheduling a dolphin tour if you want to see the area’s resident bottlenose dolphins — the activity comes highly recommended by recent visitors. Fishing charters offered by highly regarded businesses are also available for those who want to try their luck on the open seas. For more information and to book a trip, see our collection of the best Destin fishing charters. Sunset sails are available from several firms that provide day trips and snorkeling excursions and are ideal for parties of up to six individuals. Recent guests have praised Sail Away in particular.

Crab Island

Crab Island is more of an underwater beach than an island, and the beautiful blue water that surrounds it draws sailors and sea enthusiasts from all around the region. Crab Island is renowned for its party scene, but recent visitors say it’s also pleasant for children, but there’s plenty of room in the water for everyone to pick their spot. A Crab Island Adventure Tour may be a pleasant, relative way to experience the region, replete with inflated waterfalls and other aquatic toys. People come to this spot to rest on their boats or mingle in the intertidal zone. For the greatest experience, previous visitors suggested bringing floats to utilize in the water and going at high tide.

Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna’s is expensive for a park of its size, but it’s one of Destin’s greatest places to take the kids when they need a vacation from the beach. The water park is open from mid-May to mid-August and has more than 40 activities, including slides, water coasters, and the Honolulu Half Pipe, including a wave simulator. You may also take a slow river ride through the park. When the aquatic rides are shut from September until early May, you may still visit Big Kahuna’s Outdoor Adventure, a mini-golf course and other thrill rides.

Crystal Beach Park’s Shores.

If you’re visiting with a large company and wouldn’t want to spend a little amount on many hotel rooms, try renting an apartment or cottage at Crystal Beach Park’s Shores.

The beachfront has a pavilion, bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, and restricted parking and is available from sunrise to sunset. It’s completely free to use. Visit the city’s website for further information on all of Destin’s beach access sites.