8 Best Places to Visit during the summer 2020 in New Jersey

As it is officially the end of summer season, we are already into the winter season in New Jersey. There will be fewer sunny days and you will prefer more time indoors. Most of the amusement parks and tourist attractions in New Jersey are already closed for the season by now. However, you may start planning for spring and summer 2020 to take full advantage of the good weather. It`s not too hot and not too cold either and you know it`s a great time to be outside. It can also be a great time to introduce your kids to different places to visit New Jersey. Why it is important because it helps your kids to be more active, creative, playful and independent. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to go in new Jersey has plenty to offer, from forests, mountains, lakes, ocean, beaches and more. It has diverse geography and climate so you will find everything here. And there is an endless list of activities where you can involve your kids for example biking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, surfing, fishing, picnic, playlands, amusement parks, broad walks and much more.

Here we listed a few best places to visit this spring in New Jersey.

  • The Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge:

This location is huge spread over 7,000 acres of the land and trails. There are many activities every week that include guided tours and other events. It is among the top places to visit in New Jersey. If you want to introduce your kids to nature, you can bring them here; walk-on “Nature Detective Trail” that has around 11 unique views. Even if you want to stick to the trails you should wear long pants and waterproof shoes. If you visit this place on the weekends then you may also you may also catch up with educational programs telling children about animals and nature.




  • The Turtle Back Zoo:

If you are from New Jersey then, you may have already visited Turtle Back Zoo in the past, but this is no more the same your childhood Zoo. It has been transformed completely and become one of the best New Jersey tourist attractions in the last few years. Now you can see many exhibits and enhancements here every month. Another good place where you can bring your kids to get closer to nature, Turtle Back Zoo has many animals, birds and reptiles. Don’t forget to visit African Adventure where you will get an opportunity to introduce your kids to African animals. There are many other educational programs that are frequently held including early childhood programs, outreach, education center, behind the sea tours, Zoo camps, etc.



  • Land of Make Believe:

Land of Make Believe is a family amusement park with unusual tourist attractions in New Jersey. It has many kids attractions including River Ride, the “wishing well”, Roller Coaster, Tilt a Whirl, a Middle Earth Theater, etc. It is another must place to visit in New Jersey. The best thing about this amusement park is that it is affordable and your kids can enjoy a lot. There is also a picnic area where you can enjoy a good time, but no cooking or grills available here. There are no charges to use parking, picnic areas including free water parks that are included in the entrance fees. This park is only open on weekends and some other holidays during the summer season only.



  • Wild West City:

It is a theme park that is designed to bring old west back to life with different portrayals of real-life characters that belong to the area. There is also a recreation of frontier town recreation here. With 22 different live-action shows throughout the whole day, Wild West city offers its visitors the chance to feel how it likes to live in the old west. In addition to that you will also get a chance to ride a 24 gauge miniature train ride, stagecoach and pony rides. You see different items in the shop and museum where you can also talk to many knowledgeable townsfolk portraying early western life. With the latest reports, this tourist attraction in New Jersey is closed for good in 2019 however there are rumors that it will be reopened soon.



  • The Cape May Whale Watcher:

How you will feel knowing that you are going to see Whale and Dolphin Fish in their natural environment. Would it not be amazing for you and your kids? Not only this in case there is no sightseeing of these marine mammals, can you take another trip for free. This cruise departs from Delaware Bay at 9:30 AM and 1 PM every day from March to December. You may get to see Whales and Dolphin as near as 10 miles away from the land. This is an amazing experience for the whole family and something you kids will remember for long time. It is also among top places to visit in New Jersey as well as a tourist attraction. The captain will tell all the guests complete history along with other information about the marine life.



  • The Delaware River:

If you want to go outdoor for recreational activities then the Delaware River can be great place to visit in New Jersey.  This river runs from border of the New York downstream to Trenton and from the RT1 it Passover. The good thing about this river is that it that water is clean, clear that is great for different activities. This river is also water resources that provide drinking water to 15 million people.  At this location you can enjoy different activities with family that including Boat & Tubing etc. In addition to that if you love outdoor camping there are around 70 tenets and trailer sites for this purpose. All of these tents are fully serviced and provided with all essential amenities. Camp Taylor is another camping area spread over 400 acres, here you can spend night under open sky, go for hike on the mountains and enjoy the wilderness of the area.



  • Northlandz (Miniature Wonderland):

A totally different type of place than what we have discussed so far, Northlandz is a miniature wonder land that has world`s largest railroad. This place will surprise you with its detailed and well-crafted models. You will the cities, cars, buses, trains, boats, aero planes with people that are all in the miniature form. There are 100 + trains that travel through 8 miles long track.  It is quite a large display that you will need some time from you explore completely. In addition miniature displays, you can visit dolls house and an art gallery there. In case you visit during the weekends, there is also an outdoor train ride that you can take for some extra charges. This top tourist attraction in New Jersey is open whole year except Tuesday. So you can visit this place even in winter season.



  • Fosterfields Living Historical Farm:

It is one of the oldest living history farm and a must visit place in New Jersey.  It is cultivated since 1800s and is a part of Morris Country park commission. Spread over 200 acres, this farm offers many educational activities and demonstrations for kids. You get along with kids and participate in different farming related activities at National Register Site.  These activities may include milking in old ways, churning butter, cracking corns and feeding it to the chicken. The whole staff is dressed in old style to remember the lives and roles of foster family members who once owned this place.  The farm staff still does farming and perform different activities including planting and cultivation along with dealing with visitors. So, it is great place to visit in New Jersey, during the summer.


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