8 Best Medical Tourism Destinations Worldwide

With the rise of health tourism destinations, which provide affordable and high-quality healthcare perked by great travel experience, many individuals are scampering to book an appointment with healthcare experts far away from home. Yearly, thousands of patients tour from their counties to other destinations, which offer highly specialized medical care.

Although those in advanced nations tour affordable destinations with a customized medical support system or technology, they go for treatments like neurosurgeries, cardiac surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, kidney transplants, and orthopedic surgeries. If you’re wondering which country has the best doctors, according to medical experts, here is a list of healthcare tourism destinations in the world:

  1. India

India is among the key players in the healthcare tourism sector because it strives to offer the best medical services with cutting-edge technology. In fact, its healthcare saves patients around 85% of cost compared to other countries offering the same service, making India among the most visited destinations for healthcare.

Apart from the beautiful architecture and scenery, many patients also visit India for the affordability and quality of medical services. Plus, most hospitals in India are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers).

  • Singapore

Every newcomer to the world of healthcare tourism can get surprised to know that many patients decide to take their needs to Singapore. This is because Singapore is one of the most expensive destinations in the world.

However, healthcare in Singapore is not too costly. Replacing a knee may cost around $52,000 in the US, but in Singapore, you will only need to spend approximately $12,000. In addition, it has more than 18 hospitals, specifically dedicated to catering to all the needs of medical tourists. 

  • Panama

Although not on top of many people’s lists for normal holidays, Panama is a great global leader in medical tourism for several reasons. Firstly, many doctors got trained abroad, including in the UK and the US. So English is mostly and widely spoken among staff.

Panama also uses the US Dollar, so there will be no messy currency exchange. Plus, Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama boasts that it is the only healthcare center in Central America, filled with the admired Johns Hopkins Medicine International organization.

  • Thailand

In different ways, Thailand is a top destination for healthcare tourism. Among the key reasons, people choose Thailand as their destination is its affordability. A medical procedure in the country usually costs around 65% less in Western countries.

This low cost enables medical tourists to splurge on luxurious aftercare centers and private hospitals. In addition to that, most doctors in the country have received their education in Singapore and Western countries.

  • Malaysia

Malaysia normally experiences an inflow of nearly half a million healthcare tourists each year because of its highly developed medical infrastructure and low healthcare costs. It is also picking up the slack perfectly with modern technological advancements, which are highly affordable and better than in other countries.

The country is also known for medical services, like in-vitro fertilization and sophisticated treatment for victims with burns. During the economic crisis, Malaysia takes advantage of flourishing healthcare tourism to diversify the financial crisis. English is as well a more spoken language than in other countries, like India and Thailand.

  • South Korea

South Korea is a world leader in cancer screenings and spinal surgeries. It is also among the most technologically advanced medical destinations across the globe.

As a matter of fact, most South Korean hospitals regard fully digitized equipment and electronic medical records standard. Due to its recent growth in popularity, the total costs of medical operations are on the rise.

However, considering the international doctors networks and treatments ranging from cosmetic procedures and spinal treatments to organ transplantation, South Korea provides patients with many specialty options.

  • Israel

From neurological therapies to plastic surgery, Israel supplies different healthcare and clinical solutions. Regardless of the recurring security problems, many local experts are dedicated to preserving the medical tourism sector in the country.

This economic upturn is basically reflected in the low-cost treatment. As a matter of fact, clinical professionals have updated cures and methods compared to their colleagues in other healthcare tourist destinations.

  • Mexico

The extensive crossover in Mexico’s healthcare training and proximity to the US means the standards for medical services are normally equivalent to what you can expect back home and with even far fewer expenses. Every major city in the country has a good hospital with quality services.

Among the area of focus for the country is dentistry. The numerous dental expertise that lines the Mexico-US border receives many patients every year. Tourists may also choose to have private insurance; otherwise, most healthcare services in the country are government-run and might incur a small fee.

The Bottom Line!

With the lack of important healthcare facilities and rising medical costs in some countries, many individuals have started searching for alternative solutions.

Therefore, if you’re also looking for the best healthcare tourist destination, you can choose one of these places to receive aftercare and treatment services.