8 Best App Lock For iPhone – A Complete Security

If you want to secure your phone’s private data completely, read it entirely because we have told you about the best app lock for iPhone in it, which would make your phone’s data far away from the reach of others.

In today’s time, people are going towards the iPhone to improve their personality. Along with this, after Selena Gomez‘s song shoot from iphone11 pro, iPhone users have increased in large numbers all over the world. Some users have come to IOS but are very much confused about which application to use to secure their data. So you don’t need to worry, iOS has a lot of apps that provide security.

Apart from this, many times, we have to give our phone to someone for some reason, but at that time, we are afraid that it might not reach our data, so we use app lock to secure our data completely. Can keep We have mentioned some app lock below, many of which you will find easily on the App Store, and some you will have to download third-party sites.


 iProtect is an app lock to protect your private data on the iPhone. Through this, you can completely secure the application on your phone. This allows you to use Touch ID. Also, its good thing is that its full functionality is offline. This app also supports categories, folders, and subfolders. It saves your password and user name and provides one-click login to all other places.


 BioLockDown is a perfect app locker, which is very much like with its many features. This famous app has been developed by Cydia developer and released for iPhone by Ryan Petrich. This app lock is something unique compared to others because it provides you the facility to lock folders along with apps. The most important thing about it is that it allows you to fully configure the settings panel so that you can secure your phone with the locks of your choice.

 With this app’s help, you can protect your apps, switches, settings, etc. through Touch ID t. It is effortless to use because its interface is straightforward, which is entirely user-friendly.


BioProtect is one of the best apps lock to secure all your iPhone apps. It has been developed by well-known developer Elias Limneos, which comes with many of its best features. The interface of this application has been made very user friendly so that it does not face any difficulty while operating it. It offers you a particular type of feature: it prevents another person from turning off your iPhone and does not allow you to change iPhone settings to unlock any apps on the iPhone device. It also allows you to use Touch ID.

4. Loctopus

Loctopus ios is a perfect application for locking and securing applications. But this application is not available for free. You have to pay $ 2 to use it. It has given you a very user-friendly interface so that it can be used easily. To use it, all you have to do is install it and make a payment; then, you have to select and lock the app as per your choice. It provides you different types of app locks formats, which enhance the beauty of your phone.


 It is also an app locking tool that helps to make iPhone apps completely secure. It comes with very efficient and helpful features. This application is also available for the Android platform, where the people very much like it. This locker is available for all later models of the iPhone 6S, which you can use to protect your phone.

 Using this, you can easily lock existing apps on the phone without any trouble; not only that, if you do not have a strong password, then you can use fingerprint and Touch ID here.

6.SMS Secret Coder

 Everyone wants no one to read his message, and no one can access his things without his permission. If you wish, you can use the SMS secret Coder app, which provides the facility to lock all the applications available on your mobile. It also serves to encrypt messages. This allows you to encrypt messages with a personal password. Besides, it provides AES256 encryption high-security to protect your email, messages, and contacts.

7.Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault acts as a private vault, using which you can secure all your data. If you have some photos, videos, files that you want to protect from people, then you can use Secret Photo Vault to keep them safe. This application helps you completely hide your photos, videos, and all other types of files, here you can lock your data with PIN / Touch ID and military-grade encryption. This lock app is available for both ios and android; you can search it on google as the best app lock for android and download and use it.

8.WhatsApp ++

WhatsApp has launched a locking feature of its own, which works only for phones with fingerprint sensors. If you cannot secure your data using this official app, then there is no need to panic. Still, you can make your data secure.

For this, you can download the WhatsApp ++ application and keep your data safe from other people. With the help of this app, you can use all the features like Touch ID/passcode, color text, custom themes, audio recording, etc. so that you can lock your WhatsApp very beautifully. I want to tell you that this application is not available on the app store; you will have to resort to a third party website to download it.

Last word

If you are new in ios, then you can use the best app lock for iPhone mentioned above to protect your phone from other people, if you were already using an app, then do let us know in the comment. If this information is helpful for you, then definitely share it with your friends.