What to Ask a Freelance Agency Before Hiring Them

Freelancing is not limited to individuals. Both individuals and companies can do it. Today, one in three workers is a freelancer. It means that there is a high possibility that you will hire a freelance agency to work for your business. You have probably heard a few horror stories about hiring workers online, but hey, every tree has a few bad apples. Assuming you have all your business needs clear, here are a few questions that will help you determine the right freelance agency to hire.
  1. Amount of experience in the industry
Depending on the services you need, it is essential to find out how much experience a freelance agency has in that particular area. For example, if you are searching for content writers. There are a lot of content writing and management freelancers online. However, it is in your business interest to know how long they have been offering this service and the result of their content when it comes to conversion and sales. Experienced companies are always open when it comes to sharing their portfolio, so this shouldn’t be a problem when you ask them about it.

Aside from their general experience, you also need to find out if they can provide the specific service you need for your business. Maybe you specifically want SEO content for your company website or blog. It is equally crucial that you assess an agency’s expertise in providing that particular service.Additionally, is the agency familiar with specific software such as Google Docs or whatever your business uses? You might have a company portal like Brightweb, where you might have to teach the freelancer about.

  1. What is their availability?
Most freelancing websites have a host of freelancing agencies from all over the world. If you happen to be impressed by an agency in a different country, you have to ensure that they can work within your schedule. The same goes for an agency in your area. Maybe you want to schedule all your content for the coming month, so you want the agency to observe some deadlines. Will they be available when you need to communicate some vital information during your work hours? There is a lot to be considered here, and while it might seem complicated, it indeed isn’t impossible. You can work out the timings and how and when to communicate. Most freelancing agencies are flexible.
  1. How do they charge?
There are two ways a freelancing agency can charge you for their services. One is hourly, and the other is a fixed amount. You are most likely to pay an hourly rate for consultancy services. A content writing company can give you a fixed price per word for all articles or a flat amount for each piece with a different word count. One thing you should consider here is your budget. Can you afford to pay an hourly rate or a fixed amount? The answer to that question should help you narrow down your options.
  1. Is there anything they need from you?
Before you give the go-ahead for a freelance company to start working on your project, ask them if there is anything they need from you. It could be anything from more project details to account logins for a premium Grammarly account. The point is to provide your employee with whatever they need to give you the best service. Be open to answering any questions they have and clearing up any misunderstanding about the job.
  1. What is their preferred mode of communication?
Most freelancing websites encourage their freelancers to communicate with their employers through their platform. However, some employers might want to interview their freelance employees through skype or send some files via their wok email or Google Drive. When it comes to communication, there is always one way you prefer best. It could be email or work platforms such as slack and many others. Figuring out how a freelance agency communicates best will help you determine if it will fit into your business process.
  1. How good is their internet connection?
Many freelancers get hired and work on the internet, so you will also have to communicate through the internet in most cases. A bad internet connection can ruin your workflow. From hanging video calls to slow document uploads, all of which can disrupt your work schedule. There are many online tools you can ask your freelance agency to use to check their internet speeds and share with you the result. A download or upload speed of at least 1mbps is adequate.

Outsourcing services for your business is just as risky online as it is in the real world. The good news is that there are trustworthy freelancing websites where you can get an excellent freelancing agency. Additionally, you can also get to read the reviews and comments of other employers on the same hiring platforms to help you make the right decision.

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