How to choose engagement rings for women

Proposing marriage to your partner is a very important step in life that signifies the beginning of a new chapter filled with love. Like all important decisions and occasions, there is a lot of planning that should go into preparing for the day you will propose. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement or nervousness about what you are about you are planning to do and forget to put thought into the process of selecting a ring for that special woman. The engagement ring not on symbolises love and commitment, but it can also signify how much she means to you! So yes, the pressure is on, choose right!Below are tips to help you navigate a roomful of engagement rings for women and choose the right one for your lady. Read on:

1. Know the shape or cut you are looking for
This is something that a lot of people do not know about until they actually set out to look for engagement rings – the cut or shape of diamond determines the price. This is because the way a diamond is cut influences how much light it reflects and basically how bright it sparkles. Before you go shopping for a ring, try to find out, discretely of course, if there is a particular shape your lady prefers. If you can’t ask her try to figure out on your own by scrutinising the jewellery she wear. For instance, you can look at her stud-earrings. If you still can’t make out anything from this, go with the cut that’s kind to your pocket. Round cuts are known to be the most expensive, whilemarquiseand pear are often priced less.

2. Know the metal you want before you go shopping
Engagement rings for women have traditionally been made from silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and recently, rose gold. Platinum is generally more expensive despite looking similar to silver. It is more difficult to find compared to silver and has greater density. The importance of metals only lies in the matter of taste and preference. Try to find out what metals or rather simply – what colour she prefers on her other jewellery. If she seems to always go for silver coloured over gold coloured jewellery, it is very likely that she will not appreciate a ring with yellow or rose gold metal.

3. Get your measurements right
Although ring sizes can be altered, it would really make the proposal more romantic if the ring just fit perfectly the first time. Of course you are not going to measure the diameter of her ring finger with your eyes! If she has other fashion rings she wears, ‘steal’ one of those and take it with you to the jewellery shop. If she is not into fashion rings, playfully measure the circumference of her ring finger with a piece of string or plastic. Take it with you and give it to the jeweller, it will help them get the right size for her. Remember, a ring should neither be too tight or too loose. It should feel snug but comfortable.

4. Know the carat size you are looking for
Again, this is something you can try to find out from your lady but don’t make it so obvious! Grab a magazine with rings when you are with her or casually comment about an engagement ring another woman is wearing and take that as an opportunity to find out from her what she prefers in terms of carat size. As she responds, pay attention to what she says and let it guide you when you go ring shopping. Would she prefer a larger stone to a clearer one? Know what’s important to her.