7 Worst Accidents That Could Happen When You Take a Trip

Road trips are fun and a great way to unwind. There are several reasons why people travel. It could be for business, visiting family or friends, etc.

Unfortunately, you may face an accident during your road trip. That could ruin your entire trip and incur costs you did not budget for. Accidents are unpredictable. No driver hopes to experience an accident, but you can never tell.

Most car accidents result in damages and personal injuries, while a few don’t. If you suffer hurt or damage in the process, prompt medical care and an experienced car accident lawyer are crucial to your recovery.

These accidents are quite common in tourist hotspots. For example, Tampa is a Gulf coast city in Florida that many tourists love to travel to. Due to the large influx of people into the city, Tampa records a high number of accidents yearly.

If you or your loved one ever becomes a victim of such an accident, personal injury lawyers in Tampa can bargain a fair settlement for you. With the right legal representation for car accidents, you can get the settlement you deserve. This settlement will cover the costs you have to pay due to the accident and the compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering.

There are different types of accidents that you can experience on a trip. Some of these accidents vary in severity and causes. This article explores the 7 worst accidents that could happen on a road trip.

Worst Car Accidents

There are several causes of accidents. Sometimes, it could be the fault of the driver. This may be due to carelessness, lack of concentration, drunkenness, etc.

Other times, accidents could happen due to environmental situations. It could be a storm, bad roads, and other road obstructions. These factors could lead to one of the following accidents:

1.   Head-on Collision

Head-on collisions are the most dangerous accidents you could experience. This accident involves two cars from opposite directions colliding with one another.

Injuries from this kind of accident are usually more severe than others. This is because the accident affects the front part of the vehicle. This is where the drivers usually are. Sometimes, there may be another passenger sitting in front as well. The good news is that airbags can protect drivers from serious injuries.

In this accident, there will be an investigation to find the faulty driver. You should contact an attorney for car accidents as soon as possible. This is to ensure that you get a reasonable settlement if it becomes necessary.

2.   Rear-end Collision

A rear-end accident happens when one car crashes with the back end of another car. Unlike in head-on collisions, both cars come from the same direction.

In this accident, investigations to determine who is at fault are usually not complex. The reason is that state laws instruct drivers to follow vehicles at a distance. This is to avoid collisions even if the vehicle in front suddenly comes to a stop.

This means most rear-end accidents happen when driving too close to another car. Thus the driver in front can get a lawyer for car accidents to bargain for damage settlements.

3.   Side-impact Accident

Side-impact accidents are also known as T-bone accidents. As the name implies, both vehicles form a ‘T’ shape when they collide. This type of accident happens when the front end of one car hits the side of another. The driver whose car gets hit on the side is at risk of more severe injuries. This is because the vehicle that gets the impact on the front triggers airbags for protection.

Most t-bone accidents happen at intersections. This is usually because one of the drivers is disobeying a red light or stop sign. The driver who runs the red light is usually at fault and will pay for damages.

4.   Sideswipe Accident

A sideswipe accident happens when two vehicles collide side-by-side. This type of accident usually involves two vehicles moving in the same direction. The common scenario of this accident is driving off your lane into that of another vehicle. In some cases, it could be parking two vehicles too close to each other.

Some of the most common causes of sideswipe accidents include:

  • Lack of concentration on the part of one of the drivers. It could also be that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Changing lanes without checking the blind spot to see if vehicles are coming.

This type of accident hardly leads to severe injuries or damage. This is because the side-by-side impact is not usually hard. Most times, only slight dents happen to the side of the vehicles.

5.   Single Car Accidents

Unlike other accidents, single-car accidents involve one vehicle only. The major causes of this type of accident are environmental factors or the driver’s fault.

For instance, the accident could be the result of a driver not paying attention to road signs. It could also result from bad weather that affects the driver’s vision.

Here, no one is to blame for the accident or file claims against it. If it affects pedestrians, it is no longer a single-car accident. This means the driver might have to pay for settlements if there are injuries.

6.   Rollover Accidents

A rollover can be a single-car or multi-car accident. In this type of accident, the car tumbles one or more times. If it involves only one car, then it most likely resulted from environmental factors. This could be slippery or narrow roads, driving into bumps, etc.

Sometimes it could be from the heavy impact of a T-bone accident. The car that gets hit on the side can roll over due to the push from the other vehicle.

7.   Underride Accidents

An underride is an accident that happens when a car goes underneath another vehicle. This accident usually involves a large vehicle, such as a truck, and a smaller car. The passengers of the smaller car stand a risk of severe injuries or death. This is because the car crashes under the weight of the larger vehicle.

The major causes of this accident are overspeeding and driving too close to each other.

Common Effects of Car Accidents

Accidents can result in minor or severe effects. Some of the effects of road trip accidents include:

  • Financial strain. This could be from paying medical bills, insurance, or car repairs.
  • Personal Injury. Accident victims may suffer minor or severe bodily harm. Some of these injuries may have a lifelong effect on them. For instance, losing an arm, panic disorders, brain injuries, etc.
  • Loss of income. Victims who suffer injuries from accidents may lose their ability to work. This will result in losing their source of livelihood and make them dependent.
  • Death. Accident victims may lose their lives in the accident. This will leave their friends and family with emotional suffering.

Accidents can cause a major shift in our lifestyle. Even if a settlement or compensation cannot reverse the effects of the accident, it can definitely help you through recovery. With monetary and emotional support, you can move on with your life stronger than before.

If you want to know what a fair settlement could amount to in your case, talking to an attorney for accidents involving cars can be of help.


Many types of car accidents can cause injury or lead to death. Knowing the different types will help you avoid and handle them properly.

It is also important to get medical attention soon after the accident. Once you are out of medical risks, contact an attorney soon after. Do this whether you think the accident is minor or not to ensure you protect your rights.