7 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Safe for Employees During Pandemic

The world is getting back to the routine. Everyone is adjusting to the new normal and are learning to coexist with the novel coronavirus. Sanitizers and temperature screening kiosks have become a very common site wherever you go.

Workplaces have slowly started resuming. After months of remote working, employees are asked to come back to the workplace. Although the world is getting back to normal it is important to remember that the pandemic is still not over.

Companies should take the necessary precautions to ensure their employee’s safety. Making employees feel safe during this time positively affects performance. If you are running a company or a business owner who is resuming work at the workplace, here is what you need to do to keep your employees safe during the pandemic.

7 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Safe for Employees During Pandemic

Have a Duty Doctor

Having a duty doctor on the premises offers a sense of security among the employees. Make your company well equipped to deal with emergencies. Having a doctor on the company premises will also supervise your employee’s health. If any worker shows mild symptoms of covid or is undergoing any other ailment, it is best to take a consultation with the duty doctor.

Have a Temperature Screening Kiosk

Have a temperature screening kiosk at the entrance. Monitor your employee’s temperature every day. High temperature can be a symptom of covid-19. Permitting someone who can be a carrier puts another employee’s life at risk. Temperature screening kiosks help in monitoring the employee’s temperature. Monitoring the temperature every day before allowing them inside ensures other worker’s safety.

Sanitize the Workplace

The importance of sanitizing and hygiene has been stressed enough during the pandemic. Make sure that every surface is sanitized every few hours. Common surfaces such as the cafeterias, kitchen, restrooms must be sanitized often.

Install a contactless sanitizer stand on the office premises for the employees. Encourage workers to carry sanitizers. Remind them to wash their hands often, especially after touching a common surface area.

Work in Shifts

If you have more than 100 people working in your company make sure you split them into shifts. Do not call over all your employee force in one day. Instead, you can split them into shifts throughout the week. This way you can ensure that the office is not crowded.

It is easier to maintain social distancing when the number of employees is lesser. It is also easier to control interactions if there are fewer people in the office.

Make Masks Mandatory

Masks have been proven to be highly efficient towards the spread of coronavirus. Wearing masks stops the virus from passing on to the other person. Make masks mandatory for all the employees and monitor if this is done properly.

The only time it should be okay to remove masks should be at the cafeteria given there is no crowd and social distancing is maintained. Supply N-95 masks to all your employees. N-95 masks are proven to give maximum protection and they can also be reused if washed properly.

Provide a Health Insurance Cover

When you take care of your employees, your employees take care of you. If you are expecting your employees to come and work for you during uncertain times, it is fair to give them extra protection in return.

Provide covid health insurance cover to all your employees. This will help them work in peace. Taking this responsibility will help your employees focus on their work without the stress of the virus.

Give Special Concessions to High-Risk Workers

Follow government regulations and offer special concessions and benefits for workers who are in the high-risk category. Do not completely rule out remote working possibilities. If you have workers who fall into the high-risk category, make sure they have ways to contribute to the work.

Apart from workers above 60 years of age, the high-risk category also involves workers who underwent recent surgery, have a medical condition. Workers who have children below 5 years of age should avail these benefits.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone financially, emotionally, and physically. With the world resuming its pace, it is important to keep in mind the necessary precautions. Being precautious does not just ensure your safety but also the safety of everyone around us. With the right attitude and measures, it is possible to contain the spread of the virus and to live in a corona free world.