7 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Hiring is one of the most difficult business tasks because it’s such a time-consuming process—which means that it’s an expensive process. And if you hire the wrong person for the job, your company finances, reputation, and culture could be negatively affected. But you can easily make your hiring process more cost-effective and productive without skipping a beat. Just follow these 7 tips.

1. Write a Better Job Listing

The hiring process starts with a job listing. Do your best to make your job listing as alluring as possible without making it inaccurate. You might feel tempted to talk up the job and make it sound like it’s going to be the most exciting job in the world with diverse tasks each and every day. But you’ve got to be honest about the responsibilities the job entails—if you lie about any of the aspects of the job, then your new hire is probably going to leave not long after they start, and all the time and money you put into the hiring process will be wasted.

That being said, you should definitely use an excitable and energetic language in your job listing because that’ll make applicants more enthusiastic to apply.

On the flip side, make sure your job listing also very clearly defines the minimum skillset that the position requires so that you don’t have lots of underqualified people submitting applications.

2. Use Your Professional Network

Online job boards are a great way to expose your job listing to a wide variety of people, but you should also use your professional network to find the perfect employees for your company. Your network can provide you with the best staff recommendations. Wouldn’t you rather interview someone who has been recommended by a trustworthy colleague than by an online job board’s automatic resume crawler?

When you use a website like LinkedIn, you’re also able to see whether a job candidate really has a skillset they claim to have because skillsets can be verified by that person’s co-workers and employers. That website also has a jobs section where you can post your listing.

3. Do Phone Interviews

Get in the habit of doing phone interviews before you invite someone for an in-person interview. Oftentimes, you can tell that a job candidate is not right for the position after speaking with them for only a few minutes—so why waste time having scheduled an interview with that person? Phone interviews are helpful in weeding out people who might have decent resumes, but whose interview reveal their unsuitability for the role.

You can also get in the habit of doing a video conference. In fact, if you let your employees do remote work, then you might want to do video interviews so you can gauge whether or not that person is a good communicator over digital mediums.

4. Do Group Interviews

Group interviews can be a good way to do hiring for positions that require energetic personalities, like those roles having to do with sales or customer service. During a group interview, the most outgoing job candidates will definitely stand out above the rest. Just be aware that this is not always a good hiring strategy for other types of positions—just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t make a good employee.

5. Run Alternative Types of Background Checks

Most companies run background checks on job candidates to make sure that person doesn’t have a criminal record. But there are other types of background checks you can run that might be helpful for your business. If you’re running a financial advisory business, for example, you might want to run a credit check for employment to make sure your job candidates have good credit and a proven history of making good financial decisions.


6. Get to Know Your Job Candidates Better

It’s important that you try and get to know your job candidates better before you make a job offer: get to know their interests outside of work and their career goals. This will help you judge whether or not this person would be a good fit in your company culture, and whether or not they’re truly passionate about the kind of work that they’d perform at your company.

7. Use a Recruiter

Having a difficult time evaluating job candidates? Or are you just lacking the time? It might be in your interest to enlist a job recruiter to help you find the best candidates for your business.

If you’re trying to improve your hiring process, just use one or more of these 7 tips to help you find the perfect new hire.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.

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