7 ways to get real instagram followers for free

Initially, Instagram was seen as a fun app for youngsters but it quickly outgrew its first impression and has become a great platform for online marketing, buying and selling, networking and audience building for individuals as well as brands. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It has more than 1 billion active users, who share around 60 million images and 2 billion likes per day.

Here are 7 ways to grow your real Instagram followers!
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  • A well planned Instagram strategy

A well planned and right strategy is always needed if you want to use any social network effectively.

Having a good number of followers is a good start but followers alone don’t make your Instagram account successful. Increasing your Instagram followers should be the part of a bigger plan which is linked with your business strategy and social media marketing goals.

Mark down the reasons why you need more followers on Instagram. What are you hoping to achieve? 

You might want to:

Increase your brand’s awareness

Boost sales and leads

Drive more traffic to your website.

By focusing on these business-oriented goals, you can manage and maintain your Instagram account image. Moreover, it would allow you to portray an attractive and compelling brand story that appeals your new profile visitors and helps you sustain your existing followers.

  • Identify your target audience

First identity your audience who you are trying to target, for example:

  • What age group you are targeting?
  • What should be the location of your audience?
  • What should be their forte?
  • How often do they use Instagram?
  • What should be their activities on Instagram?
  • What are their online demands?


  • Considering these factors will help you create the right content for your Instagram account, in order to reach your target audience who are most likely to follow your account. Besides, it will enable you to focus on the needs and demands of your target audience so you could regularly post the content which makes them your loyal followers
  • Create an interesting brand story 

A good brand showcases the lifestyle or achievements of their customers which helps in promoting their brand in an aspirational way and maintaining a consistent brand personality and outlook is vital for its image.

Therefore, the content you post on your Instagram account should be familiar to your audience. In this context, you can share the content that doesn’t fit well with the look your main feed, in your Instagram stories. Moreover, always keep in mind that Instagram grid is a one cohesive unit. If you have a variety of products that lies in different categories, you can always use consistent styling in order to give your grid a consistent look.

  • Always use keywords to appear in searches

People have to find your Instagram account first, in order to follow it. It’s not mandatory that all of your content on Instagram is searchable. Only the Instagram account’s name and username contributes to the search results.

Moreover, your username or user ID is your Instagram handle, therefore, you should make it consistent with the handle that you use on other social media platforms because it makes you easily appear in searches. Also, set your username as your brand name because people are likely to use it while searching for your brand.

  • Use relevant hashtags to reach new users

Although the text of Instagram posts is not searchable, hash tags appear in Instagram search results. That’s how you can get free followers on Instagram by using hash tags carefully.

Always include appropriate hash tags so your Instagram content should be just a search away, or people could find you after clicking on a hashtag from some other relevant post. Moreover, people can follow hashtags as well; therefore, your hash-tagged content can appear in the feed of people who are not even following your account.

Around 30 hash tags can be included in an Instagram post. The effectiveness of hash tags is based on quality and not the quantity. Hence, always do some research in order to learn which hash tags work best for your account.

Besides, try to avoid hash tag gimmicks like #instagood, #beautiful #followme etc, because these hash tags might increase your followers temporarily but they are likely to be bots. Therefore, it would not help you to create an authentic and engaged Instagram community.

Hence, always use hash tags which are highly targeted and relevant to your photo, product, or brand.

  • Create a convincing bio and profile

Almost two-thirds of visits on Instagram business accounts are from the people who are not even following that account. These visitors can be your potential Instagram followers, so your bio and profile can be compelling enough to convince them to click on the follow button. Moreover, if your profile is unclear, incomplete, or unattractive, these visitors will most likely lose interest in following your account. Also, your profile should include your website link in bio and the link should be clickable.

  • Share engaging and unique content

Sharing engaging and unique content is a critical part of promoting your brand. Your all Instagram posts and grids should be of high quality and visually appealing so it could convince more people to follow you. Always remember that people go for what pleases the eyes.

The creative and appealing content makes new visitors see more of your posts which results in a new visitor to click the follow button.

Also, good content encourages followers and visitors to like, comment and share your posts which enhances your engagement which in turn gives you an Instagram algorithm boost and helps you to reach more audience.