7 Ways to Ensure Impactful Sales Calls

Impactful sales calls need to be engaging and informative. You cannot just advertise your product or service and be done with it. To ensure an impactful sales call, here are a few things you must ensure.

#1 Have the Right Infrastructure

Sales reps often use a sales engagement platform to fast track the sales process. The goal here is to reduce the time a sales rep loses due to sales dialing. However, the performance of such initiatives requires a proper infrastructure.

Use a sales dialer that uses a local area code for the sales calls. Otherwise, the potential client might ignore it. The dialer should also have a pre-recorded voicemail drop in case the call goes unanswered. Such dialers will also keep track of all outgoing sales calls so that you can keep track of all the calls you make in a day.

#2 Know What You’re Talking About

One of the most common mistakes salespeople make is to take their product or service for granted. They aren’t well-versed in the features and benefits, so they can’t speak with confidence about them. And when this happens, your prospect can sense that you’re not fully prepared to answer their questions and move forward with a sale.

It’s also important to know what your competition has to offer—and how they present themselves—so that you can position yourself as being unique in some way. If customers are asking for something specific—and everyone else says no—you should be ready to step up and provide answers!

And if there’s another company out there who may have been providing similar services but stopped doing so (for whatever reason), then now would be an excellent time for them (or maybe even YOU) to reintroduce themselves into this particular market space again!

#3 Use Open-Ended Questions

One of the most effective ways to ensure a successful sales call is to ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer. This allows you to learn about the customer’s situation, problem, and business to better understand how you can help them. Here are some examples:

  • “What do you currently use for X?”
  • “How often do you need X?”
  • “When was the last time you used X?”

#4 Be an Active Listener

When you listen to the prospect, you are learning what they need, what they value, and how they prefer to be communicated with.

The tone of voice such as monotone/sing-song (a sign of boredom), a higher pitch than usual (anxiety), or lower pitch than usual (depression). The speed at which people speak often indicates their level of confidence and enthusiasm about an idea or topic; someone who speaks quickly may feel more comfortable about the conversation, whereas someone who speaks slowly may be testing the waters before committing fully to their thoughts.

#5 Be Whatever Your Competitor is Not

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be just like your competitors. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially when you’re just starting and trying everything you can think of to stand out from the crowd. But if all you do is copy what others are doing—if you do it the same way—your sales calls won’t be any more effective than theirs.

So what should you do instead? You’re going to have to set yourself apart from everyone else by being different and memorable in some way:

  • Be unique
  • Be different
  • Be memorable

#6 Make Them Realize They Need You

The best way to make a sales call impactful is to make sure the prospect knows that you’re the only one who can solve their problem. Here’s how:

  • Establish your expertise. By doing this, you’ll help prospects understand why they need you. If you can’t do this, then don’t waste time on a call with them—it will be a waste of your time and theirs!
  • Tell them how much money they’ll save if they buy from you. If prospects know they’ll save money by buying from you instead of another company or person, they’ll be more likely to invest in your services or products because they think it’s worth it (even though it might cost more than other alternatives).
  • Give them evidence that supports what you’re saying—this is super important when asking for a sale.

#7 Offer Something More than a Product or Service

Remember that the customer’s business is more than an opportunity to make money—it’s a way for them to achieve their goals and advance their mission. They have limited time and resources, so they need to know how you can help them.

To provide value beyond your product or service, you need to see what the customer needs from you and whether your company has it in stock. Then, add that extra value by offering something better than what’s already available on the market (and make sure it works!).

Ensuring these things will help you make impactful sales calls. You can clearly see the results when your potential clients turn into your regular ones.