7 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi without Sweating

The moment you realize your internet is not working properly, you simply call the customer support to address the issue. Sometimes you have to wait for hours in order to get connected to the customer support, and still face problems after the issue is resolved by the representative. However, the fact is that probably the issue is with your Wi-Fi instead of a matter to be solved at the backend. 


Especially if you are working from home due to COVID-19 lockdown, you can’t sit in one place stranded to Ethernet cable. Moreover, streaming, downloading and gaming is another big reason to use Wi-Fi instead of connecting to the Ethernet cable. There are many ways to fix the problem, which might not be difficult for any non-tech savvy person. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to boost your Wi-Fi and fix the issue without sweating. 


Reduce Bandwidth Leeches 

If you are facing slow internet speed, you can simply make some tweaks that are easy to follow. One of the reasons for slow internet speed is that you have not properly set the security of your Wi-Fi network. Too many people may be using your connection without you knowing. It may be a surprising thing, but it’s a fact. Someone in your neighborhood or passerby is using your Wi-Fi and consuming all the juice you need to stream HD videos, online games, and heavy downloads. As more and more devices are added to the same network, it might pull the juice out, resulting in slower speeds. 


If you want to protect your Wi-Fi network from any random person to connect, make sure to protect it with WPA2 security and a complex password. With this tip, you will be able to secure your network not only from free Wi-Fi stalkers but also from hackers. Make sure to include upper and lower cases along with special characters and numbers when choosing the password. Although most of the people are too lazy to pick a complex password, the fact is it will offer you better security. 


Buy Sufficient Bandwidth 

Data caps can be a nightmare for internet users, but most internet service providers offer a limited amount of data to users. As soon as they end up, you will feel a much slower speed than before. The reason is that the speed throttles as soon as you reach your data limits. This might result in slowing down your internet speed. 


In today’s world, everyone is occupied enjoying Netflix shows in 4K video, playing high-resolution games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, and online conferences. Moreover, if you have transformed your traditional home to a smart home, the bandwidth consumed is much higher than any other ordinary household consumes. Paying a bit higher would result in peace of mind forever.  


With all these activities, the data is sucked up without you realizing it. The best solution is to look for service providers offering an unlimited amount of bandwidth to meet your daily internet usage. Click here if you want to get the freedom of enjoying as much bandwidth as you want without worrying about its limit. 


Move Your Wireless Router 

You might have experienced that in some parts of the home, you get the optimal speed while in others your internet is like a dead rubber. The reason is that the Wi-Fi signals are not properly transmitted throughout the home, due to obstacles like cupboards, walls, and other household items. 

If you are experiencing such problems for a while, you can fix the problem with a little tweak. Just move your router to the center of the house. With this trick, you will see a drastic improvement in Wi-Fi signals, which will help you to seamlessly conduct online activities like binge-watching Netflix shows, online gaming, and downloading movie torrents. 


Replace the Old Wi-Fi Technology with a New One 

If you want to experience high-speed internet, you might need to invest some money. Don’t worry it won’t cost you too much. Make sure to use the latest Wi-Fi hardware available on the market. Some of the best wireless routers you can purchase are from brands like TP-Link, Netgear, and Asus. 

At present, you can also find wireless routers with four antennas that help you to improve Wi-Fi signals. If you are a gamer or a movie buff, investing a bit more will help you to enjoy high-speed internet without any obstacles. 


Buy a Wi-Fi Extender 

If you are living in a big household, buying a Wi-Fi extender helps in boosting Wi-Fi signals, leaving no dead spots or poor signals in any part of the house. You can watch movies, play games, and download files from any part of the house without worrying about signals. 


Disconnect Idle Devices 

It is not only you or other family members using the bandwidth. You might have some other devices at your home, connected to the internet, and eating up the bandwidth. For instance, a smartphone in a living room might not be in use by anyone, but as long as it is connected to the network, it may run apps in the background. These apps badly affect the speed of your internet. Make sure to disconnect the devices from the network completely. It would help you speed up your internet and browse the internet without any struggle. 


Restart Your Router 

You won’t even remember when was the last time you switched off your wireless router. If not, now is the time to give your router a break for a while. Disconnect the router from the main power and wait for few minutes to cool it down. This activity must be done on a regular basis every month or two. Resetting your router also fixes the slow internet issues and help you to experience optimal speed after plugging back. 


Summing Up 

Boosting your Wi-Fi isn’t a big deal when you know what to do. If following the aforementioned tips does not help you out, make sure to call the customer support of your respective service provider.

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