7 Ways How to Save Money When You’re Studying in Dubai

Earning money is a very important part even you are a student or not. You need money to study and also there are many ways you can even earn money during your studies. It could be a different story for students in the area. As a world leader in English language education, the United Arab Emirates has its fair share of pupils, and all those living on tight student budgets. Fortunately, when you’re studying in Dubai, there are plenty of ways to save. So here are some ways through which you can save money when you are studying in Dubai

You should have your bank account

Whenever you are studying in Dubai you need money. So you can’t always keep money at home and due to this reason, you should have a local bank account in which you can store your money without any worries. Wherever you come from, it can be a costly job to draw funds from a bank account based in your home country. There’s always a surcharge on card payments, and any time you pull cash out of an ATM, you can take a hit of a few bucks.

Opening a local bank account helps you when you need to, to circumvent certain charges and tighten your belt. You probably won’t need more than an ID and proof of address to open an account in the UAE, and luckily, as a student, you should have both. Open a local account and even though you spend money, save money!

Should learn some extra activities

Extra activities do not mean that you have to play any type of sports or something else. it means you should have knowledge of homework like cooking etc. basically eating is the expensive thing for students because without eating students can’t even live and work properly. So you need to have to knowledge about cooking and you should have to cook at home by yourself. It will save you a lot of money because whenever you will hire any person which will cook food for you then he/she will take money.

Your student years are an excellent chance to learn certain life skills, and one of them is the ability to whip up a delicious home-cooked meal. To find the biggest bargains, visit the nearest fruit and veg markets. Another way to save at your supermarket is to buy pasta and grains in bulk. For a nice meal, you’ll have all the ingredients at home.

Use of social media for the appropriate purpose

Social media is not only for communicating with people. Social media platforms also help you find many types of jobs. If you think you can’t do a job because of your study then you can even search for part-time jobs even you find jobs which can be done by sitting at home.

Take advantage of your student status

You can save a lot of money in Dubai when you are studying because there are many outlets or shops which give a discount when you are a student and also there are many things you can get discounts on when you are a student. You can ask whether there is a student discount on sale before making any purchase. This can also be as much as 20 percent in high street stores.

Students in Dubai also get a public transport discount, so be sure to flash your student ID anytime you travel. When you are out and about, these little deals add up.

Space out your social life

College life even whole student life is also filled with a busy schedule of both formal and casual social activities. While activities such as dinners and balls may be held weekly by your university, your bank account may not be so satisfied with your attendance.

In the calendar, look ahead and pick the handful of activities that stand out for you. To get the most out of the experience, don’t feel like you need to attend every event that your college holds. You’ll save money by spreading out your social life and be able to enjoy the activities you attend more fully, without the next day’s economic hangover.

Rent a car

Travelling is another thing which can be very expensive and also public transport can be the reason for reaching your institute late. In Dubai, there are many companies from which you can hire a car which can be a little much costly as compared to public transport but it will provide many types of advantages like you will reach your school or college at right time and after college, you don’t have to wait for public transport and rent a car can save your a lot of time. At this time you can even do any other activity.

Earn online

Earning online is the best method for students to earn a very good amount of money. So if you are a student and you are studying in Dubai you can work as a freelancer. Freelancing is the best medium to earn. Even there are many services which earn very huge amount of money like Writing service UAE. You can start your setup like to do assignments. It will not only help you to earn money but it will also help you to learn something extra. The main advantage of freelancing is you can do it whenever you are free. There is not any type of time restriction in freelancing.


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