7 Unique Qualities That Make You A Digital Transformation Leader

Digital Transformation Leader

Did you know that companies spent $2 trillion on digital transformation in 2019 which is 40% of their total technology spending? Yes, you read that right. Digital transformation has become the top priority for most companies and we will continue to see that trend continue.

Your company has nominated you to lead the digital transformation. With digital transformation challenges such as limited budget, poor or lack of a digital transformation strategy, Increasing conversions on Shopify, complex organization structure in front of you, how can you overcome those challenges? What if you don’t have the expertise to lead a digital transformation initiative?

To get over all these hurdles and drive your digital transformation initiatives to success, you need unique qualities that can help you get through the ups and downs of digital transformation. These qualities are different from what is usually associated with an IT leader. Successful digital transformation goes well beyond IT silos and prioritizes customer needs.

Wondering what are these qualities? In this article, you will learn about eight qualities that make you a successful digital transformation leader.

Ability to Connect The Dots

What differentiates successful digital transformation leaders from the rest is their ability to connect the dots. They align the goals of top-level management with digital transformation initiatives. Moreover, they also know how to connect their digital initiatives with people, technology and processes, which puts them in a great position to drive their digital transformation efforts to success. Another trait successful digital transformation leaders have is that they focus on continuous value delivery and ensuring flow. This is why they are able to satisfy customers.

Make Tech Understanding Accessible

We all know how complex technology can become especially when you are pushing your digital transformation initiatives forward. It might look simpler but as you continue to move to the later stages, the complexity starts to grow quickly. That is why digital transformation leaders should stay away from acronyms and tech jargon. 

Instead, they should focus more on explaining tech concepts in as simple a language as possible. When you make technology knowledge more accessible, your employees will be more aware. Once your employees are more aware and start seeing the benefits of digital transformation, they will stand in your corner instead of opposing your digital transformation efforts. The same goes for any IT initiatives such as switching to the Los Angeles Dedicated Servers. Their support can prove to be a difference-maker and increase your chances of success.

Empower Team Member

As mentioned before, you will find roadblocks along your digital transformational journey. As a leader, you need to prepare your team to face those challenges and get over them even if you are not there. For this, you have to nurture your team and empower them to take decisions. 

Here are some of the ways you can use to empower your team

  • Ask for their input
  • Encourage them to share their affiliate marketing content ideas
  • Keep them motivated
  • Take your team members under your mentorship
  • Trust them to make the right decisions
  • Challenge them in different scenarios and see how they react

Stay Ahead of The Market

One leadership quality that propels leaders above others is their ability to see what others can not see. This is what helps leaders visualize the future today and create a strategy that helps them succeed in the future. Having a great vision is not enough especially if you can not communicate and make your followers buy into your vision. You will find people it tough to convert your dreams into reality if your followers don’t support you in your endeavors.  

A successful digital transformation leader predicts market trends and knows how customers will react to those changes as well as how their needs will change. This allows them to build solutions for the future, which can not only solve customer problems today but also in the future. They know which direction the market will be heading in, which helps them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. 


Most technology leaders are masters of their art but it is how they adapt to certain situations that make all the difference. The pace at which technology is evolving means that old tools and technologies will soon get outdated. How you respond to this change will make a huge impact on your digital transformation efforts. If you are still stuck with legacy systems of yesteryear then, your business will need complete technology to revamp. 

Yes, you might have to face some backlash from employees because most people will resist change but when you tell them that it is a step in the right direction and will lead to a bright future, they will stop opposing. The quicker your business adapt to the changes, the more likely they are to succeed with digital transformation.

Challenging The Status Quo

Technology evolution is not making tools and technologies obsolete quickly. There are also changing the rules. If you are still following the old rules, your digital transformation initiatives will fail to catch up to the changing times. Make sure that you look for partners that can help you challenge the status quo. With a wide network of technology partners, you can speed up the digital transformation process. This also allows you to innovate and follow the best practices to get the best results.

Taking Care of Customers

The customer is king. You might have heard this on a number of occasions but did you know that it is actually true. Successful digital transformation leaders prioritize customer experience over everything else. If you don’t listen to customers and improve the experience in the light of their feedback, the chances of failure increases.

If possible, digital transformational leaders should interact directly with their customers. Try to understand how your solutions will impact customer lives and what you can do to reduce friction and deliver a seamless user experience.

Which of these unique qualities do you possess that can make you a successful digital transformation leader? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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