7 Unique Ideas to Make Your Books More Safe & Sound via Book Boxes’ Usage

By selecting the cardboard material for your book boxes, you have already made a step in the right direction. But, the protection capability of these boxes is not only dependent on the material choice and what is more, but they can also bear a load only up to a particular limit. The books are delicate items prone to wear and tear due to the application of some external impacts. Here are the ideas that will prove useful in increasing the safety of the books through these packages. 

Right-Sizing Is Essential:

If you think that the size of customized book boxes does not play a role in protecting books, you need to rethink your approach. The size of the boxes must be only a few centimeters larger than the precise dimensions of the books for their perfect protection. Pushing your items in colossal packages is not wise.

Thinking since you would not be able to prevent them from bumping into one another. Custom book boxes, the probability of damage is even more when you opt for a box smaller than the books’ size. Find out the books’ dimensions to be stored first, and then design the packaging according to that. 

Appropriate Filler Material Usage:

The edges of the books are usually sharp that frequently get damaged when they strike the box walls due to the vehicle unbalancing on the road. The best way is to add a layer of padding materials to their surroundings. Wrap each item with the cushioning material and place it at the center of the box. Ensure that it is at a distance from the other products,

With the space between them filled with cushioning materials. Spread the filler materials such as bubble wraps, shredded paper, and polystyrene chips at the center, top, bottom, and every corner of the customized book boxes. The filler materials will absorb all the impacts and prevent the products from striking the box’s walls or with one another. 

Customized Book Boxes USA
Customized Book Boxes USA

Reinforce The Bottom Layer:

The bottom side of the custom book boxes wholesale is liable to carry the maximum weight of the products rather than other sides. This is because the weight acts downward due to the effect of gravity. It means that the bottom layers need to be strengthened accordingly so that they can bear heavier loads. The best approach is to measure the length of this layer from the inside of the box and reinforce it by adding a cardboard layer of the same length. Consequently, the bottom of the mailer box will evenly distribute the load on itself, and it will be less likely to open due to an excessive load. 

Do Not Overstuff:

Based on the size and the type of material from which the packages are made, they can hold a product weight only up to a certain limit. Getting the size right and making them from sturdy cardboard or corrugated cardstock does not mean that they can hold any weight you put in them. Clear your mind in this aspect and remember that they can hold weight only up to several times their weight. Keeping that in mind, place only a few books inside them which they can hold properly without wrinkling or breaking down. 

Double Box It:

The shipping of heavyweight products like books is a critical process where the risk of breakage and accidental drop is even more. For this reason, the book packages need to have more carrying power so that they do not result in any damage even on unintentional slipping of them from the hands of handlers. A unique idea in this particular context is to double-box your boxes so that they become even sturdier. For this purpose, take a long cardboard sheet and design a slightly larger box than the original one to put around it. 

Custom Printed Book Boxes
Custom Printed Book Boxes

Use Cardboard-Built Inserts:

You might be placing different books of varying sizes in one single box instead of placing them separately in different boxes just to reduce shipping costs. But, what would you do to keep them apart so that they might not displace their original position? Use the custom-made inserts to keep a distance between the corresponding books so that their edges do not get torn away. These inserts will also keep them restricted in the original position they were packed to please the customers. 

Utilize Suitable Sealing:

After wrapping the books and partitioning them with the custom inserts, give the box a little shake to check for any rattling. If they move inside, it means that you need to reconsider their wrapping and partitioning. Then, you need to seal the book packages appropriately so that the external elements such as dust or dirt cannot get inside.

For sealing, you need to use specialized packaging or duct tapes rather than the standard ones so that the box is sealed perfectly.  Custom printing services, strengthening or reinforcing book boxes is central for ensuring the entire safety of books from different types of impacts. Using the right material and getting the size right are the two most essential steps in this context. The correct sealing and additional support of the boxes’ bottom layer are also necessary to escape damaging situations.