7 Types of Digital Marketing and How To Use Them

Digital Marketing is the present-day method of marketing one’s products and services. In this article, we have brought up the top 7 types of digital marketing that organizations resort to for building brand loyalty among customers. You can as well learn and get certified in digital marketing from world-classs universities such as UMass.

Types of Digital Marketing 

The seven types of digital marketing are as follows:

  1. Content Marketing – Content marketing is the technique of producing and sharing content. Though businesses encourage content writing to generate leads over time, the manner in which content is created is not just meant to be promotional. Then how does content become a tool for marketing the business? Content writing is a long-term process. When creators build a library of content in various forms, it benefits the readers who find a plethora of information they can access for free. When users find value in this, they see the brand as an authority in the field of information. This helps in building the brand reputation, which gains traffic when users refer to it while making a purchase or for any other purpose.
  2. An expert who can deliver the content in a visually attractive and useful manner that consumers find relevant and can relate to is the manner to use content marketing. Content can be marketed in the form of a blog, whitepaper, e-book, infographic, tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, Instagram story, or YouTube video. Though one can use technical jargon while delivering the content and targets the sophisticated, elite, and highly educated section of the society to access it, it has to be made sure that the content is written in such simple terms that even a 5- year old can understand it.
  3. Search Engine Optimisation – Search Engine Optimisation is the technique of ensuring that the articles or web pages rank in the primary search results of search engines. It is the art of creating content and marketing it in a manner such that it becomes accessible to consumers when they are searching for relevant topics. For instance, if people are looking for “best restaurants near me,” and your restaurant comes up in the search results, it is because of SEO. This makes the brand come up as objective and authentic in the eyes of the customers. You can hire a reliable digital agency that follows SEO best practices. On-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO are the three types of SEO strategies that can impact the website’s ranking on search engines and the appearance of the pages in the relevant search results. Selecting the right keywords, Yoast plugins, backlinks, and the use of interlinks are some of the ways to use SEO.
  4. PPC – Pay per click or PPC is similar to SEO. The difference is that it is not free. The traffic is driven to the website by paying the publisher every time the ad is clicked. Google ads, Bing ads, Twitter ad campaigns, and paid ads on Facebook are some examples of PPC. PPC can also include display advertising and affiliate advertising. PPC can highlight your website above the competitors, however, will it is ranking for popular keywords, it can get expensive at one end, while at the other end, numerous customers trust the natural search results and are hesitant about paid ads. You must plan your PTC ad campaigns effectively and have sufficient money that you are willing to invest.
  5. Social media marketing – Every organization uses social media marketing. It is an organization’s important part of digital marketing strategy. The engagement and interaction with people is the ground upon which it differs from advertising on TV and in newspapers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat are some of the channels used for Social Media Marketing. Reading the audience’s comments and responding to them is the first step to engaging in social media marketing. The second step is the consistency of posts. You can definitely use automation tools, but you will have to be present to check the engagement regularly; else, soon, the customers will figure out that there is no human behind it. Entrepreneurs must make use of multiple marketing platforms to spread the brand’s message. Analytics is an important way to measure customer interaction with the post. 
  6. Influencer marketing – Influencers are the new celebrities in present-day social media. They make content that people can relate with. In turn, people’s engagement with influencers is quite high. Businesses can use influencers as their brand ambassadors to promote their products. It is good for the business because since people can relate to the micro-influencers, they are likely to buy the products the influencers promote in their posts.
  7. Email marketing – In email marketing, organizations build a bond with customers and subscribers by sending emails to keep them informed about the latest updates, offers, etc. One can pre-plan a set of emails and newsletters to be sent to subscribers about the latest sales, offers, and customer feedback about products and services. A lot of emails stay unopened. So, one should make sure that the emails have strong headings, generate urgency of action on the customers’ part, and have strong content that customers find valuable. The more personal an email sounds, the most likely it is to connect with the customers.
  8. Mobile Marketing- The larger part of today’s internet traffic comes from mobiles. Mobile marketing is the way to target mobile users to take immediate action. It works on the principle that immediate action is as important as loyalty. Some of the ways in which mobile marketing is done are as follows:
  • Ads and algorithms as per one’s present location to bring relevant information
  • SMS marketing for promotional campaigns
  • In-app Advertisements
  • Making the content mobile-friendly
  • Regular push notifications to engage customers with the products and services.


Besides the types mentioned above, there are other forms of digital marketing. Since one form of digital marketing is interconnected with and codependent on another form, and with netizens being the creed in our surroundings, more forms of digital marketing are expected in the near future. 

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