7 Traveling Tips you should consider while planning your next Dubai Trip!

Dubai is known to be the best for vacationing. There are a number of things that make it a hub for fun and entertainment. However, traveling to Dubai can become hectic if you fail to plan it smartly. Here are a few tips that might help you to get things done easily.

Considering The Right Time To Travel

Vacation in Dubai means seeking the utmost enjoyment. To make the best out of your Dubai trip it is essential for you to consider the right season for traveling. Usually, winter is considered to be the best season for visiting Dubai. From November to March, the air is pleasing for sightseeing. However, Summer is not a go-to season for Dubai as the weather is hot and sweaty. Also, visiting in winter gives you the chance to enjoy the famous events of Dubai including New Year’s Eve. However, if you are still planning to visit other than winters, choose a moderate temperature as you can have fun on Yacht; taking the help of yacht rental in Dubai.


Traveling with Minimal

When Dubai is considered to be the hub of everything, it is also known for having a mixed culture. From being extremely modern to cultural, you will find different flavors. In such case, wearing the right OOTD becomes difficult. Also, you cannot carry all your wardrobe in suitcases. The best advice is to consider the climate, prefer wearing light clothes. Do not forget to keep sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. Also, keep your medicine box with you as finding a new doctor in any case could be a great hassle.

Dubai’s Currency

Getting Dubai’s visa is easy and hassle-free, however, it is always better to carry the right currency with you. If you are afraid to carry currency notes get an international Credit/Debit card. You may need to rent a car or pay for the cab ticket right after leaving the airport. So to avoid the hassle, it is better to keep the change in your hand carry.

Safety Above All

Though Dubai is known to be the most safest place and the Dubai police is the fastest, but you need to be careful. Traveling alone, with family or a group of friends, keep the original documents in your room’s locker. Do not carry them with you as any incident could happen and you can get in trouble.

When talking about hygiene, you will not find the complaint. Dubai with high cleaning standards has no health hazards.


If you a shopaholic and visiting Dubai is to satisfy your hunger for shopping, consider traveling around the Dubai Shopping festival or Dubai Summer Surprises. From high-end branded things to options that fit in your pocket, you will find a wide range of your desire things.


It is tough to self-drive in Dubai as obtaining a driving license is not easy. Also, you might not be familiar with the routes and the road rules. It is better to let the expert drive. However, one thing that you should consider keeping is the road map. This is because not all the drivers are local there and might not be familiar with the routes.

Codes of Ethics

The locals of Dubai are very particular about their code of ethics. When you visit a country with such high traditional values it becomes necessary to dress properly. It is better to keep your shoulders and knees covered while visiting any public place. Similarly, other dresses like shorts and swimwear are acceptable only in the specific region. Do not forget to take off the shoes before entering any local’s house.


It is always better to pre-plan your trip as last minutes hazards are difficult to handle. To avoid panics at the airport or outside the hotel room, its is better to check your things before leaving. One smart way is to make a checklist. We wish you a fantastic vacation in Dubai.