7 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Kosrae?

Kosrae is also known as Micronesia which is among many countries in the world that are not proud of a large number of tourists staying there. However, this city is encumbered on the islands found in the states. Watch out for all the stunning places which are located in this city which is an island state in the Pacific Ocean and the most extended country in the world.

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Till then continue reading this article to know places that are worth visiting:

Kepirohi Waterfall

 Kepirohi Waterfall is Micronesia’s best place to visit which is a known waterfall situated at the 20 m (66 ft) high drop into a lake. Visit this huge place that draws both locals and visitors for swimmers and picnickers. Drop into this stunning waterfall which is along a stone path from the main road and capture tons of colorful tropical flowers along the way. 

Nan Madol, Kolonia

Nan Madol is a perfect place described by locals as “the city built on coral reefs. Come to this spot which was inhabited as early as the 1st or 2nd century CE. This site was constructed within a lagoon and houses a series of artificial islands that are linked by canals which are semi-submerged sites today and can only be explored by taking a kayaking tour.

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Truk Lagoon, Chuuk

Truk Lagoon is also recognized for its sunken shipwreck signifies one of Micronesia’s top scuba diving spots. Come to this site which is the lagoon’s status and is a nationally-protected historical site. Guys, come to this place shipwreck that relics are largely untouched. Learn about the lagoon that was sunk during a World War II battle, where the ship deceits in comparatively shallow water and offers a flawless depth for avid scuba enthusiasts. 

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Stone Money, Yap

Stone Money is a motivating site to visit with the family to see giant stone discs used as coins. This place is located on the island of Yap and has been carved out of limestone along with circular stones coming from several Micronesian islands. You will love this site located in the city that plays a real-life role in local transactions counting dowry payments and land purchases. 

Tamilyog Trail, Yap

Tamilyog Trail is one of the highest magnetism in the city full of trails to hike upon. So, guys drop into this site which is a perfect place for a hike along this trail for a team that bonds experience on a rainy day. Drop by this place where you will find this attractive one and a good start to your vacation. Relish hiking along with bamboo, and explore tons of amazing plants and greenery around trails.

Utwe-Walung Marine Park

Utwe- Walung Marine Park is a community-based preservation area-preserving some of Micronesia’s most pristine mangrove and forest ecosystems. Come to this Marine Park that grew out of the landowner’s desire to grow sustainable income-generating methods for their land. Learn about the primary idea that has been to attention on ecotourism, including education on the mangrove and reef ecosystems and their importance to the island.

Hiroshi’s Point

Hiroshi Point is a beautiful point to visit which is located at buoy 15. This superb location offers diverse huge coral heads, which are estimated to be more than 2000 years old. You will find tons of Christmas tree worms and invertebrates present here. Explore the diverse variety of marine life, which also includes eagle rays, also schools of huge parrotfish, reef sharks, barracuda, and squid can be seen.

 Lelu Harbor

Lelu Harbor is one of Korea’s greatest magnetisms to visit, which is the clear, clean ocean and living coral reefs. These attractions surround it and you will witness some coral reefs slope steeply into the clear blue depths offshore. Visit this place where both the vertical drop-offs and undulating profiles of cascading corals seem before you as underwater perceptibility averages 100 feet plus.

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