7 Tips to Design a Great App Icon!

How to make an App icon more alluring than others, so users can’t hold out against downloading it?

Generally, an app icon is a logo that is usually available on the Google Play Store, App Store, or users’ phone. The development of such app icons requires an effective approach and much attention to designing strategies. This isn’t enough. Along with the Shopify app development techniques, a detailed description, marketing strategies, and other methods play a significant role in constructing a successful app.

While creating an app icon, a well-reputable and proficient developer contributes his attention to every aspect, including business branding, colour collection, design, structure, and others. Therefore, to get good ratings and several downloads, it’s time to design an app that easily entices people. An irresistible and compelling app icon clearly defines your brand and creates a long-term impression on potential buyers. Even though designing a stunning, appealing, and striking app icon won’t only bring tremendous success in business but also amaze people.

For achieving this kind of result, keep in mind the following factors for designing an app icon.

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Tips For Designing a Great App Icon

  • Take Into Account Necessary Requirements
  • Study Competitors App Icon Designs
  • Maintain Consistency Between UI Design and Brand
  • Pick a Bold, Unique Shape
  • Consider Size, Form, and Typographic
  • Think About Colour Spectrum
  • Signs and Glyphs

Wrapping Up!

Tips For Designing a Great App Icon

App Icon Design Guide - How To Create Perfect App Icons

Take Into Account Necessary Requirements

Before designing an app icon, considering every single detail regarding the company, its brand, products, and services help in creating a more appealing design. Beautiful illustrations aren’t enough to please the customers. You must consider the graphical interface of a specific OS, which should be natural and unique. Additionally, designers must also acquaint themselves with the regulations of the OS manufacturer and go through numerous examples. Learning the design techniques and OS interface guidelines from official websites provide an idea about style, animation, components, patterns, layout, and usability.

Take Idea From Competitors’ Designs

Going through competitors’ app icons will assist in taking an idea about the colour scheme, design aspects, and how to differentiate your brand icon from them. To design an app, you must look at other related apps to learn about design, style, shape, size, and other details. A designer must get creative and play with different colours by keeping the brand and target audience in the first place. However, instead of choosing the same style and icon image, you need to pick something that defines your uniqueness for becoming a leader among your competitors.

Maintain Consistency Between UI Design and Brand

While designing mobile app icons, make sure they’re perfectly communicating with users and reliable enough in sorting out the people’s problems. And this is possible by managing the consistency between the app’s UI design and the company’s brand. Being original and unique will help in developing a comprehensible experience. For improving consistency, make sure that the icon holds the same colour that your brand has. Also, the icon’s symbols and the app are carrying the same appearance. After all, consistency is a code for user comfort to make icons recognizable and unforgettable.

Think About Colour Spectrum

How the Lighting Color Spectrum Affects Plant Growth – SpecGrade LED

Maybe the situation becomes complicated in picking the appropriate colours for the app icon? It might be a complex task but make sure the colours coordinate with the brand’s colours. But avoid using multiple colours. The right solution is to design an application with two or a maximum of three colours. Using multiple colours turns into an obscure collection of prismatic pixels.

Pick a Bold, Simple Shape

What makes an app icon recognizable and distinguishable among others? Well, a novel shape is important for creating a notable app icon, which makes it look bold, striking, bright, and clear. Additionally, it should look simple and bizarre enough to describe the entire theme in just one look. Considering such factors will easily lure the users for downloading your application. So, give preference to a round-shaped icon to make it more appealing and luxurious.

Consider Size, Form, and Typographic

For designing an alluring app icon, the size should look good on multiple platforms. Even though having a simple and unique form of the app icon won’t confuse the users and enhance the overall appearance. While playing with logo forms, make sure it’s looking harmonious next to other applications. The fonts used for app icon design should be wide enough to be easily read. Make sure the icon’s logo is self-evident and crystal clear.

Signs and Glyphs

Symbols and Glyphs of Astrology – Vic DiCara's Astrology

Icon design should be strong enough, so it can easily convey the basic functionality of the applications. Applying simplistic and recognizable signs will allow the user to quickly surmise its functions and features without going through the descriptions. The minimal details always keep the audience clear and understandable about the products and services.

Wrapping Up!

Apparently, creating a simple and unique app icon is an overwhelming process. However, adopting the right techniques and methods help in designing a noticeable app icon. Make sure it complies with platform design guidelines, more informative with minimal details, understandable for the audience, and high appealing color choices. Keeping these details in mind can convert any boring and tedious app icon into something original and unique.

Under the assistance of a Shopify design and development company, an owner receives a highly attractive and recognizable app icon for their businesses. So, choose one that suits your preferences.

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