7 Tips for Washing Baby Clothes

Baby’s skin is super fragile and delicate, it needs special care. Baby’s immune system is still developing and they can quickly catch infection and diseases from anywhere and everywhere. Anything which comes in immediate contact with the baby should be thoroughly cleaned and should also be germs free.

When it comes to taking care of the baby’s skin, the choice of cloth and the washing should never be compromised. In fact, more bacteria and germs are exposed to baby’s cloth, just regular washing of clothing is not enough. Here are 7 tips for perfectly washing baby clothes.

Wash before use

Before beginning with the washing, always turn the clothes inside out. It will reduce the chances of color fading and will also increase the lifespan of the fabric. The first and foremost tip is to soak and wash all the new baby clothes before it is put into use.  This step should not be ignored unless you are buying organic clothes. Organic clothes are softer than normal clothes and are naturally anti-bacterial.

Wash the baby clothes thoroughly in a quality product from somewhere like The Laundress before the first wear. It will protect the fragile baby skin and also make it more comfortable to wear. Make sure to also wash other items like the sheets, covers, towels, etc that come in direct contact with the delicate baby skin. This is one of the important tips for washing new baby clothes.

 Use mild detergent

When it comes to effective tips for washing baby clothes for the first time always use mild, eco-friendly and neutral detergents. This ensures the baby’s clothes are not exposed to any contamination and synthetic additives. Regular detergent can damage the baby’s delicate skin.

Almost all the leading detergent brands have a special product line for baby clothes washing. Look for the label “suitable for sensitive skin” or  “Baby friendly”. Make sure the detergent is free from artificial dyes, fragrance, color, and chemical. All this will reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to the delicate baby skin.

Temperature control

If you are looking for how to wash baby clothes by hand make sure to disinfect and properly clean your hands before touching the clothes Bacteria can accumulate before the wash. To get rid of bacteria, it is important to soak the baby’s  clothes before washing at least for 45 minutes -1 hours.

 The water temperature is also essential for clothes, it is advised to wash all the baby’s clothes in hot water. It will kill most of the germs and bacteria.

Read the label

This is a very obvious and important step while washing the baby clothes. Pay attention to the washing instruction mentioned on the label while washing the baby clothes. The label will tell you how to take the best care of the baby’s clothes. Many labels usually share the instruction regarding drying the garments without damaging the quality.

 Say yes fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioners are a big yes for sensitive baby skin. A soft fabric conditioner relaxes the tough fibres present in the cloth, it also maintains the softness of baby clothing.

Opt for a fabric softness which suits sensitive baby skin, it should have a hypoallergenic formula without any added fragrances or chemicals.  Before making a buying decision always read the package label for instructions and ingredients.

Sort the clothes

This is also one of the important tips for washing new baby clothes. Sort the baby’s clothes, keep whites and dark colors separate. If needed, sort the baby’s clothes based on the washing needs like low temperature, gentle wash, high temperature, etc.

 Always wash the baby’s cloth diaper separately. It will prevent the spreading of germs. Avoid washing the soiled and wet nappies with other clothes. Baby’s clothes dont get dirty, it needs gentle care. You can always hand wash or use the washing machine in gentle mode.

Air dry clothes

While drying the baby clothes, it is best to sun dry them else keep the temperature warm. The sunlight will fight against bacteria and germs. It will also add freshness to the washed clothes.  Dry the baby’s clothing in the sun for at least 2-3 hours. Never put on damp clothes on the baby, as it can cause infection.