7 Tips for Improving Your Business Security

In 2018, the FBI estimates that there was more than $14 billion of value robbed or burgled. How much was recovered? Only an astonishing $3.8 billion!

Additionally, it’s estimated that only 34 percent of property crimes are even reported to begin with.

Let’s face it, between the coronavirus and worldwide political and economic instabilities, business security is a huge concern. How can you deal with security in an insecure time?

We’ve got the seven security tips for businesses that you need to prevent your business from becoming a statistic. Keep reading to find out ways you can reinforce your business now!

How To Do It

Keeping your business secure can be simply scaled to the size and footprint of your business. A lot of security isn’t just a service or a product, but also requires action and vigilance on the part of you and your employees.

Let’s start from the top with an easy one:

1. Improve Your Lighting

Improving your lighting doesn’t have to break your bank, and could be as simple as updating the kind of bulb you use, or having a more vigorous maintenance program.

A good lighting system with a burned out or dimmed light is a potential hazard. LED floodlights with a motion sensor are a huge boon to exterior crime prevention.

2. Add Video Surveillance

Along with good lighting, a proper video surveillance system can not only catch criminals in the act but deter them from acting in the first place. If lighting isn’t a possibility, make sure it has infrared capabilities for low/no light situations.

3. Install a Monitored Alarm System

There are untold numbers of security companies, including if your shop is in a mall or business park. But an alarm contract with a monitoring company not only protects you in the middle of the night but is a great asset even if you onsite.

4. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows might be the most obvious thing to secure, but often goes totally neglected. It opens and closes and has a little deadbolt. That’s good enough right? 

Wrong. Get yourself a heavy-duty deadbolt on any back doors or utility entrances. Also, Help to Keep Your Business Safe with Roller Shutters if it’s installable at your location.

5. Be proactive

Don’t wait for a pretext to upgrade or maintain your security protocols. Keep up with statistics in your area and join a kind of neighborhood watch in your business park or mall. It isn’t practical to sink all your funds into security, either, but make sure you don’t wait for something to fail before you replace it.

6. Control Your Keys

Control of access by key or keycard is very convenient for your employees, but also bad actors that they come in contact with. Make sure to do an occasional key audit with your staff, and immediately take care of any access controls for new and terminated employees.

7. Select a Floor Marshall

A “floor marshall” is a great way to make sure there isn’t an unknown subject walking around your office. It’s hard to keep track of everyone, their close family, or visiting clients. Having someone in each segment or floor responsible for being aware of their area can minimize unknown people taking advantage of you. 

Business Security Done Right

Business security is no laughing matter. Don’t become an FBI or Bureau of Justice statistic and make sure to protect your business, your employees, and yourself in these critical days. It’s never fun to talk about crime, but at least now you have a leg up on your competition.

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