7 Tips for Getting Your First 1000 Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms, ranking 15th in terms of number of users. As of June 2022, Twitter has approximately 450 million monthly active users, with a 237 million daily monetizable active users (dMAUs). So evidently, people eye to grab this opportunity to mark their presence in Twitter and get a huge number of followers. It’s easy to do so in Twitter if you follow some specific steps and adhere to guidelines. To help anyone starting their journey on Twitter and eager to break the 1000 twitter follower mark, we are here with 7 basic tips that’ll make it easy for you to reach your goal in no time.

  1. Optimizing your profile

One of the very basic things for starters in Twitter is profile page optimization, creating a welcoming profile for your audience. If your profile gives a brief description about you or your company in a nutshell that can answer any basic queries of your audience, people are more likely to follow you.  

To start with, you need to choose a Twitter handle that people will know you with. It is suggested to use the same name as the other social media platforms, so that it gets easy for your followers from other platforms to find and follow you.

After that, you need to add the profile description by adding some relevant tags, industry keywords, and so on. Apart from that, add your bio and location which will give your profile a more complete look and help attract more followers and be better ranked in search engine results.

Then, after a few tweets and when your tweets start getting engagement, pin your most popular tweets at the top so that your content gets noticed and people gets to see that and engage more when they check out your profile.

  1. Tweet frequently

Twitter is quite different than Instagram and Facebook, so it is important to have a relevant content strategy to get noticed. Here, you need to post quite often, like 3-7 tweets per day. That doesn’t necessarily mean spamming every second, you need to balance quality content with the frequency of your tweets. When someone checks your feed, if they see that you are irregular in posting, they wouldn’t want to follow you. Tweeting relevant and engaging content often is the key to have a large pool of audience in twitter, this way you can take up space from people’s feed and be worthy of a follow.

  1. Optimize posting time

While twitter requires you to post quite often, it won’t work well if you just post anytime of the day. It is very important to optimize your posting time with the online presence time of your target audience to avoid missing their engagement on prime time. For example, the internet rush hour in the USA is from 7-11 pm, so you need to tweet in that time zone to get real and active USA Twitter followers.

Twitter is rapid and people tweet a lot, so if you miss posting on the most engaging time, your tweets will hardly show up on your follower’s feed. You can use analytics to track where most of your audience are from and cater to their schedule. If you stay in different time zones, you will need to use scheduled posting services so that you don’t miss your follower’s engagement.

  1. Plan your content and be relevant

Visual content, like photos, illustrations, infographics, videos, helps your content to stand out and get better traction in social media as they easily grab people’s attention as proven historically. In twitter, tweets with images are more likely to get engagement as it helps people remember better, meaning people are more likely to retweet it and share it with their connections if they find it relatable.  

Other than adding visuals and making your content lucrative, you need to post relevant content. Twitter is a platform where people come to see have a conversation with multiple people on content that they’re interested in or find relatable. You can track the progress of your content through Twitter Analytics to learn about the type of content that appeals more to your target audience. You can search for trending topics related to your industry and audience by using keywords and hashtags in the Explore Page and make relevant content apparently. You need to be fast in here, else there’ll be more creators who’ll grab the opportunity to post recent things first and grab more attention from your target audience.

  1. Utilize hashtags wisely

Hashtags helps your tweet to be more visible in your audience’s feed and get more engagement and potential followers on twitter. When people search for trends or any specific topic that’ll cater to their demand, posts and profiles with similar hashtags will come out on top in the search results. That is why, you need to keep a tab on trending hashtags as well as which hashtag to use that matches your content topic. But this doesn’t mean putting random hashtags that don’t provide any value, else your content will look like more of a spam. You can use hashtag analytics to identify communities relevant to your content industry and see the kind of hashtags they use.  Another good way is to follow the bios and posts of relevant influencers or big names to see the hashtags that they’re using. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easier to put the more relatable hashtags to get noticed by your target audience.  

  1. Get engaged with the audience

One of the keyways to attract more audiences to your feed is to interact with them. Actively responding to comments, having discussions in threads, reposting their content are a few ways to engage with your audience.  Mastering the art of tagging, mentioning, replying and retweeting is a must to bring your audience closer to your content. Though you can buy Twitter followers to achieve rapid growth, it’s very much possible to get organic growth by following some simple tricks. It is better to give detailed and thoughtful responses so that the audience feels like you’re valuing them. And retweet your followers and audiences, which will show that you’re actively participating, value engagement and care about your audiences. You can even engage with more people by connecting with different Twitter communities through sharing advice or experiences with them. These small pieces of your engagement strategy help a lot to attract more followers to your feed.

  1. Run a followers campaign

Launching advertising campaigns in Twitter Ads Manager is one of the easiest ways of promoting and accelerating growth of your account. The ads will appear as regular tweets marked as ads in your target audience’s feeds with links to your page. The best thing about it is you only need to pay when someone starts following you after seeing an ad. You can run short campaigns to boost your follower list in a short time basis or can opt for an always-on campaign that will help you generate a consistent number of followers in the long run. 


Twitter is a great social media platform. But like other social platforms, it’s a bit tricky to get started. And the number of followers just don’t increase by any chance, rather planning beforehand and following the above guidelines will help you get to the mark of a thousand followers and grow beyond. These steps often require a small-time commitment with consistent efforts, so once you get the hang of it, sky’s the limit.