7 tips for creating the perfect home page for your website

Your site’s home page is often the part of your site that the user sees first. It should be prepared in such a way as to encourage the Internet user to check the offer or submit a request for a service. How to create the perfect homepage?

Why is the home page so important?

Visitors to your website will not always start browsing from the home page. Very often, users who find it from a search engine or social networking sites will find themselves immediately on one of the subpages. However, this does not change the fact that you should pay special attention to the homepage. Just as in your company’s office, the first impression on visitors is made by, for example, the reception desk, in the case of a website, this impression depends on the home page.

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If you discourage the user with an unintuitive, mismatched layout, unattractive graphics or other imperfections, you may automatically lose the person interested in your offer. The home page is important because of:

Image – when the user enters your website, he will start to form an opinion about it. If he has problems with finding basic functions or information about the company, he will quickly become discouraged from using the website. You won’t build a positive image that way. Your website should look good on any device. Its visit is supposed to be a pleasure for the user, so provide him with large and nice photos, focus on legibility and minimalism. Take care of an attractive layout. If you negatively surprise the recipient with the appearance of the website, do not expect that such user will buy products from you or send a request for an offer. Other consequences of a poorly prepared home page may be: increasing bounce rate (bounce rate), lower and lower conversion rates and decreasing duration of the user’s stay on the website.

SEO – the home page should be optimized to the requirements of search engines. This means paying attention to many issues. It is important that the home page links to a category or even a subcategory. It is also worth placing links to selected products or other subpages important to us on the website. Another issue is preparing the right amount of content, adding unique meta tags, photo descriptions and more. A properly prepared home page has a great impact on the SEO of the entire website.

When planning the home page of the website, remember that it should meet the expectations of users, not only yours. At the same time, it should not be overloaded with content. The rule is not always true – the more the better. A large amount of text, links and materials may cause the Internet user to get lost in it all. The user should find the required information as quickly as possible. If not, it is very likely that it will leave your site.

What to remember?

When creating the home page of the website, you should remember about a few important issues, such as:

Use eye-catching links – links to individual subpages of the website should be clearly visible, otherwise there is little chance that the user will find specific content. At the same time, appropriate titles should be used so that the Internet user knows what he will find when selecting a given subpage. A frequently used solution is to underline a link after hovering over it with the mouse cursor.

Use graphics and animations to emphasize the importance of the content – most often the most important, key information for Internet users is promoted on the home page on popular websites through the use of graphics and animations. However, remember not to overdo it with their number, because the user will not know which material to focus on. In addition, the use of many photos or videos may delay page loading, which you should also avoid.

Provide information about the company – it is important for the user who is responsible for a given page. This is especially important in the case of websites selling products or presenting their offer. Therefore, it is mandatory to create the “Contact” tab on the home page and place on this subpage the contact details necessary to contact the company. Also add the “About us” tab. The footer of the website is a good place for such links.
Take care of navigation – one of the important tasks of the main page of the website is to make it easier for users to access other subpages. The navigation area should be placed in a clearly visible location. The descriptions of each category must correspond as closely as possible to the content that can be found at a given address.