7 tips for choosing a Legitimate DOT Compliance Service provider

You should know that a third-party administrator is a completely unbiased and neutral individual or entity that can help you stay compliant with the rules and regulations that have been set by the Department Of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is not only about the random drug and alcohol testing program or the routine vehicle inspections but everything that is related to compliance that these professionals can manage for you. Third-party administrators can help you manage your hazardous materials-related permits and licenses, in addition to your biennial updates, MC authority number, and many other formalities and paperwork that are required to stay compliant and operational throughout the year.

There are several DOT Compliance Groups that are legitimate and 100% authentic. These entities are there to help you out and reduce your overall burden of compliance-related responsibilities significantly. The following section describes a few examples of service agents that you get with these DOT compliance third-party administrator.:


●      Urine/Specimen Collector

This professional is going to collect specimens during your mock drug test that you carry out with the help of your TPA.

●      Breath Alcohol Technician

This individual is going to instruct your employees when examining their breath for alcohol residues.

●      Medical Review Officer

The medical review officer is a licensed physician. He is going to evaluate medical explanations from laboratories after the drug testing reports come in.

●      Substance Abuse Professional

You will need the assistance and guidance of a substance abuse professional if you have any employees violating any DOT-related recommendations.

●      Employee Assistance Program

Certain officers will be in charge of the employee assistance program that is going to assess all the safety-sensitive position holders and will undertake counseling sessions as well.

7 Factors To Look Out For When Looking For A Legitimate DOT Compliance Service Provider

This section explores the various factors that you should be checking out when you are looking to associate with a DOT compliance facilitator. Remember that DOT compliance is a high-stakes affair. Your third party administrator should be able to provide you with excellent and consistent services and must also hold a superlative level of communication throughout your various departments. It is important to develop a trustworthy relationship with them because you cannot afford to deviate from your daily business operations to focus on compliance requirements throughout the year. It does not only dilute your focus but also takes up a lot of your time, effort and resources and wrong decisions can make you a victim of DOT compliance scam. Therefore, look for the factors mentioned below and try to cultivate a long-term, fruitful, and healthy relationship with your TPA. Let’s begin:

1.     Background

You should only go with a TPA that has a solid background in the US transport industry. They should also be well aware of the rules and regulations laid down by the department of transportation and the federal motor carrier safety administration.

2.     Location

It is very important that the third-party administrator you choose is located in your own state or city. They must be aware of the laws and rules applicable to your city. There are rules related to insurance, worker’s compensation, rebates on taxes, and a lot of other details that are different from state to state.

3.     Insurance

You should also ask your third party administrator to provide you with copies of the insurance certificate. There is a degree of personal liability that applies here as well. The same should apply to the drug and alcohol testing program as well.

4.     Certification

Make sure that your DOT compliance facilitator has the necessary and valid certifications from agencies and authorities such as the NAADATP which is the Nationality Accredited For Administration Of Drug And Alcohol Testing Programs. This is a subsidiary of the Drug And Alcohol Industry Association. If your TPA has this accreditation, you know for sure that they uphold the most stringent standards that have been set by the USDOT and the FMCSA.

5.     Qualification

Find out if this entity is qualified enough to become your third party administrator in the first place. They should have the relevant experience that is required in your industry and serve the purpose of your company without fail.

6.     Contract

You should be clear about what your expectations are from the third party administrator. The same should be mentioned in the agreement or contract that you sign. The services that you are seeking from the professional should be clearly mentioned in that contract.

7.     Legality

Also, it is absolutely necessary that you are clear about the working knowledge of the TPA and the regulatory status of the entity with the government. Enquire about their operational license and permits that they need to stay functional in this sector.

Are You Required To Hire A TPA In The First Place?

This question is very simple to answer. Whether you should go for a third party administrator or a DOT compliance service group or not is entirely dependent on the industry you are in. If you own and operate any trucks or vehicles or any automobiles that are highly safety-sensitive, you will benefit a lot from hiring a third-party administrator. Businesses that come under the umbrella of the safety-sensitive category may have to run drug and alcohol testing programs periodically and regularly. They will have to ensure that the third party administrator they hire has ample knowledge about the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act Of 1991 and understands the transport industry of the US thoroughly. The industries that benefit strongly from hiring the services of a TPA and should enforce a strong drug and alcohol testing program include:

  • The US Coast Guard
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Federal Transit Administration
  • Department Of Defense
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

In The End, Remember

In the end, it is very important to remember that associating with a skilled, qualified, experienced, and efficient third-party administrator is going to keep your business compliant and functional throughout the year. Do not make any compromises when it comes to choosing the legit DOT compliance facilitator for your company.

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