7 Tips for Bolstering Your Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is a term you might encounter in the cybersecurity industry. It means you have security measures between devices like laptops or desktops and computer networks that bridge to them. It’s vital for all businesses that use such devices and networks.

There are entities like the GPK Group Managed IT Services that can help you with your company’s endpoint security. You can reach out to one, but we’ll also give you tips for bolstering your security right now.

Only Allow Access from Limited Terminals

If you use a computer network or platform as part of your business model, you can restrict access to a few terminals that you’ve personally approved. That might mean your employees can’t work from home, but setting up access control services means a hacker attack is less likely to succeed.

Use Encryption Services

There are encryption services you can use to ensure data you’re transmitting from one network location to another can’t be understood by anyone who intercepts it. Encrypting data becomes even more crucial if your workers are sharing proprietary information or something else you don’t want anyone outside the company to know.

Use Anti-Malware Services

Malware is one way hackers gain access to your data. You can block that by using anti-malware services that companies offer. This usually comes in the form of endpoint antivirus software. It prevents malware and detects and eliminates any it finds on your network.


A firewall is one of the most basic endpoint security measures you can install. Once you put one in place, it can control and monitor outgoing and incoming traffic. Blocking potentially malicious traffic protects your endpoint devices.

Use Secure Password Policies

You can also tell your workers they must only use secure password policies. You can tell them they must change their passwords frequently when accessing laptops, desktops, or tablets via your company’s network. 

You can also use a random password generator. That will prevent your workers from picking passwords that are too easy to guess.

Upgrade Your Infrastructure

If you’re using outdated infrastructure for your company’s online needs, that leaves you vulnerable. It’s probably in your best interest to use a next-gen architecture, such as cloud-based computing.

You can often get all-in-one solutions that provide security and all the storage and computing your workers need. Having a scalable, efficient architecture in place is fundamental endpoint security. 

Hire an Ethical Hacking Company

If you feel you have solid endpoint security measures in place, but you’re not sure, it makes sense to hire an ethical hacking company to probe your system for weaknesses. These individuals will look for any gaps in your endpoint security and take note of them. Then, they will provide you with a detailed report. 

They will recommend solutions for how to improve your network’s endpoint security and solve any other potential issues they find. You might have them run these tests every few months.

With these measures, you can beef up your endpoint security and feel better about conducting business. 


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