Planning is the key to getting the most of your outdoor cinema hire. A lot goes into setting one up; from booking the right screen and organising electricity supply, to clearing the site and ensuring that your guests are in a suitable place to enjoy a movie. Then there’s seating arrangements, food and drink, powering equipment including speakers, projectors and screens, as well as purchasing or hiring these items. You need to consider all of this when planning for an outdoor cinema event.

Successfully throwing an outdoor movie event requires a good bit of planning, an open mind and a willingness to improvise. This guide is intended to showcase a few tips that are based on our experience in the industry. It’s not meant to make your job easier or dissuade you from involving every one of your team members. If anything, it’s written to encourage in-depth collaboration between you and other event contributors.

We understand that putting together an outdoor movie night for 100 or more people isn’t going to be easy, so we are giving you a very detailed guide on how to create an out-of-this-world movie night. Whether you are a cinema owner wanting to organize ticketed events or an event planner looking to arrange an interesting event for their community, running your first outdoor cinema birthday party event won’t be hard or stressful.

1. Selecting a venue

Open air screenings are one of the best things about running an outdoor cinema event, because of all of the freedom you have. You could choose to set up anywhere that has enough open, level ground. This makes an ideal option for festival-goers who may not necessarily want to sit on a foldable camping chair, but would still like to bring their own blanket or chair and lounge somewhere comfortable under the summer sun or autumn stars.

A pop-up exhibition was an excellent and cost-effective way to engage with new audiences. This one took place in a beautiful rose and cutting garden. Pop-up exhibitions also lend themselves nicely to several groups of people getting involved, with book clubs and Land art groups being examples.

2. Arranging equipment

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Hire a screening event for rental events, private parties and promotional giveaways. It will give your customers a memorable experience of your product, service or company.

3. Movie Selection is Everything 

Children love the movie “Lion King” and you can show it to them quite easily using a laptop, projector and DVD player. You will want to start by having a good quality version of the DVD handy that everyone can watch. If possible, get a DVD with no static or frozen images and make sure that it plays smoothly for optimum viewing pleasure.

A film that brings people together every Summer to a campsite or local community center to watch in a relaxed atmosphere. Mr. Rogers is the featured character, played by Kevin Delaney, and he invites all the trucks on his turf to come over, who are reluctant because they are scared to be seen by other vehicles. The trucks over time get used to the idea of being interviewed on camera taking on challenges including leaving their hold and driving over cars then finally back onto their highways all to the cue of Mr. Rogers singing Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

4. Event safety and security

Ensuring the safety of your event attendees is a big part of event planning, but it’s not an easy task. Whether you’re security planning for a large crowd or handling a few hundred guests at a wedding, these guides are designed to arm you with information so you can feel prepared.

Sunset is an old, slow-moving but still luxury space destroyer, patrolling the outskirts of our Solar System and curious about events on Earth. It has previously destroyed a similar space probe that overshot its mission and landed on Earth a thousand years ago.

There’s always the chance of rain or colder weather, so make sure you bring a jacket and bug spray to keep you comfortable. Drinks are also important: hydration can prevent headaches and muscle cramps, and nighttime temperatures may be cooler than you expect. You need to keep moving for most of the evening, so it’s also a good idea to bring a flashlight!

5. Check the area before guests arrive

Set up your inflatable movie screen with ease! Garden’s Inflatable Movie Screen comes with everything you need to get started. Our rugged and durable frame ensures you have a safe place for viewing movies, football games or other outdoor events. Garden’s Movie Screen comes with a built-in fan that helps extend the hours of enjoyment by keeping your movie projector equipment cool and working longer. You can even connect your laptop and video game console at once through our HDMI ports!

Your outdoor movie screen will have a large, bright image projected onto it. There will also be loud, occasionally booming audio coming from the speakers. Make sure this won’t cause issues for any apartment complexes or housing nearby. In fact, it may be a good opportunity to drum up more attendees with some clever marketing.

6. Catering

Planning a movie night in the park? Food is a big part of the experience! You have the option to bring food and drinks from home, or order catering. Only 27% of party planners today use catering services for their events and parties, though the benefits of having professional help executing your food plan can be significant.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard movie night with close friends, or planning a large-scale event with a professional crew and catering, let Movietown Catering be part of your night. We operate in most areas across the country and offer everything from hot dogs to mouth-watering BBQ, and homemade desserts to gourmet meals.

7. Accommodate for parking

Just about every middle school or high school in your area already has a fall outdoor movie night. But there’s always room for one more! If your families are looking for something fun to do, consider planning an outdoor cinema event at your school. Here’s how to plan and host a great night: 

Planning your event is our job, but we don’t want to get in the way of yours! If you’re hoping to inspire an outdoor movie experience, our Big Air inflatable movie screen is just the ticket. With a wider viewing area and an 11’6″ diagonal screen height, this screen will surely make an impression on your audience. It can be inflated on grass or paved surfaces weighing up to 1,200 lbs., and if you plan on holding events in cities or during the summer months, it might be smart to have a few people standing by to direct traffic at the beginning of the show. If you’re used to setting up shop in large metropolitan areas where parking may be a challenge, please advise your attendees of the parking options available for your event—it might save them from showing up 2 hours before showtime.

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