7 Things You Should Never Do During Your Period

Women often experience pain, fatigue, bloating, and mood swings during their periods, but it doesn’t mean you need to avoid physical activity, sexual activity or most foods. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t do. Below are seven things to avoid during menstruation. 

1. Weight Training

Some women think that workouts during menstruation are harmful but, in fact, they can provide a range of health benefits. Physical exercise can help reduce such symptoms such as headache, fatigue, bloating, and pelvic pain during the period. However, weight training can harm women during their periods. Lifting excessively weights can lead to pelvic organ prolapse (displacement of pelvic organs into the vagina). You can choose short intense exercises or yoga, but be extremely careful with some yoga poses, they can also harm you and result in increased bleeding and vascular congestion. Poses that involve strong stretching and twisting can also be dangerous since they put additional stress on the pelvic region. 

2. Condomless Sex

You don’t need to avoid sexual activity during menstruation. However, specialists recommend using barrier contraceptives since uterine blood is a favorable environment for the active development of reproductive tract infections. Doctors also note that the chances of becoming pregnant during menstruation are as high as at other times of the menstrual cycle. 

3. Hot Baths

Taking a hot bath can also be harmful to women during menstruation since the cervix at this time is especially vulnerable. Even after cleaning the bathtub, microbes can remain on it, which can provoke pelvic inflammatory disease. High water temperature makes blood vessels expand and increase blood circulation which can lead to blood loss and even anemia. 

4. Cosmetic Procedures

Hormonal imbalance during menstruation can often cause acne on the body and face, but in no case don’t pop them since scars and acne traces can remain for life. Experts recommend avoiding cosmetic procedures during the period, including chemical peeling, in order to prevent skin problems and excessive stress on the hormonal system. As for waxing, there are different opinions but studies have shown that it’s recommended to avoid. The pain threshold decreases in women during menstruation, therefore we recommend postponing waxing for several days.

5. Strict Diet

Many women dream of an ideal figure and often torment themselves with endless strict diets. But severe dietary restrictions during menstruation can negatively affect your well-being. 

It’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Consume more fruits and vegetables and foods rich in iron (meat and liver) during you period. They compensate for blood loss and reduce the risk of anemia. You can also add such foods as:

  • Turmeric
  • Fish 
  • Chicken
  • Dark chocolate
  • Ginger
  • Nuts
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils and beans
  • Yogurt
  • Kombucha
  • tofu

Try to limit spicy foods since they can cause stomach pain and nausea, salty foods (cheese, smoked meat, etc.) to prevent puffiness, and dairy products to avoid bowel irritation. 

6. Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can affect the woman’s health during menstruation in different ways, but it usually increases the period of menstruation and even causes dysmenorrhea. In addition, alcohol consumption disturbs sleep, increases the strain on the nervous system, and causes premature aging. We recommend giving up alcohol and replacing it with fresh fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies. 

7. Drinking a Lot of Coffee 

Coffee is a magic drink: it’s rich in antioxidants, maintains heart health, and may prevent cancer but it’s better to temporarily skip your latte during menstruation. Caffeine can lead to increased breast tenderness, exacerbates headaches, and worsens discomfort from bloating and cramps.

Amelia Grant

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