7 Things You Should Know About Bottled Water

Bottled water is pure, safe and most convenient form of carrying water with you while travelling to work or on vacations. We all know that how important it is to carry your own drinking water with you. With the help of packaged mineral water, you are connected with the best form of drinking water. Bottled water consist water after the process- removal of harmful chemicals and bacteria and brings you a healthy and purity water. Many water processing plants use several kinds of harmful chemicals to filter water but these companies which are producing packaged mineral water always go for safest methods to clean water intensely.

Consuming tap water continuously can lead to discoloration issues in teeth and also weakens your bones and muscles which is really very unhealthy.

Let us aware you with top 7 amazing things which are 100% genuine and will surely help you in day-to-day life.


Packaged water uses lower and light weighted plastic for making bottles and also includes some number of natural elements. It undergoes toxicity testing and only gets approved if the content and the amount of plastic used, are safe to be ingested.

Health & Environment

The bottled water companies go hard to protect the environment and promote upcycling, recycling of plastic containers and groundwater management. The bottled water industry actively supports groundwater management practices that are science based and contributes to a sustainable future.

Use of Groundwater

The bottled water industry utilizes a minimal amount of groundwater to produce bottled water and does so with excellent efficiency. Even during the drought of water supply, the bottlers adjust the withdrawal to reduce the adverse impact.  


Plastic water bottles are among the most recycled products, and the bottled water industry is working to reduce the carbon footprint by using a lighter weight plastic for containers.

Taste & Source

While purchasing the bottled water, people may wish to know the origin of the water. So, the water that comes from underground sources. Carries the following FDA approved labels:

  • Artesian well water
  • Spring water
  • Mineral water
  • Well water

Good taste & nutrients

While many skips the difference between bottled water and tap water, but mostly bottled water tastes always better and good than tap water. The process of purification of bottled water is more additional with minerals and metals, which provides the water better taste.

Doesn’t produce too much trash

Bottled water industry waste can feel shocking. But the reality is that conveniently sized bottles that people use a daily account for only 0.04% of all waste produced. However, the number of companies have adopted recycling and upcycling of plastic waste to reduce pollution.