7 Things You Should Know About a Maternity Wardrobe

Gone are the days when expecting moms wore loose-fitting or shapeless dresses to hide their baby bumps. Today, many women choose to flaunt their baby bumps with designer apparel. However, each pregnancy is different, and with each stage, comfort is vital. Personal maternity wear makes you feel great during your pregnancy. However, choosing clothes for the next nine months is quite different from picking dresses or clothes for work. There are a lot of fashionable dresses for expecting and nursing moms, but the real trick is to know what to buy and when to buy it. Here, we have summed up a few tips to help you make the right choice for your maternity wardrobe:

1. Look for Bump-Friendly Pieces in Your Current Wardrobe: The initial or early stage of pregnancy hardly needs any new clothes. All that you need during this period is what you already have in your wardrobe. Look at your existing closet and pull out the pregnancy-friendly garments you already have. Look for loose tops and blouses, flowing dresses, stretchy bottoms, and cardigans.

2. Start Shopping: At the beginning of the second trimester, your cute baby bump will begin to grow. Don’t wait until your existing clothes are too tight before you start shopping for your maternity wardrobe.

3. Shop for Your Style:  It is always better and more comfortable to go out in your regular fashion clothes rather than stepping out in unfamiliar styles and designs. Lookfor pieces similar to your regular dresses but in a maternity version.

4. Buy Apparel that Grows with You: Shop for maternity pieces like stretchable dresses and skirts that can grow as you do during your pregnancy. This will help you save money because you can usethe dresses for longer periods. Some dresses even transition well into nursing dresses for after your baby is born.

5. Keep Seasons in Mind: It is better to be ready for the upcoming season during your pregnancy. Having cool, comfortable dresses and flowy tops is excellent for the summer, and warm leggings and sweaters are great for the winter. Also, don’t forget about footwear. Supportive boots and sandals can give you the comfort and support you need during your pregnancy.

6. Consider Special Occasions: Think about what you will do during your next eight or nine months, and post-pregnancy and clothes purchase accordingly. If you are planning to continue going to work until your due date, then make sure you have work clothes that will be comfortable and professional. If you have a wedding or special get together coming up, you may want a specific maternity dress for that event. And don’t forget to plan for post-pregnancy by getting a fewnursing dresses.

7. Choose Comfy Pregnancy Undergarments: During your pregnancy, your physique may go through several changes, and the same goes for your breast size. So, keep a couple of soft, stretchy, and supportive non-wired bras of different cup sizes. Soft, cotton underwear and belly bands are also important to keep you feeling your best.

You have a lot of choices with maternity fashion, but wear what complements your shape and style.