7 Things You Must Look While Selecting The Best Primary School In Pune

Schools are the building blocks responsible for shaping and creating a morally responsible person that would contribute to the wellness of society. Generally, a child spends around 7-8 hours of their time in school. The primary school in Pune in which you plan to send your child must be a good school with good morals and a skilled facility. Therefore, this article will help you keep in mind some points that will help you decide which is the best CBSE school.

1- How far is the school from your home

Distance from your home to the school plays an important role in helping the child get more time for studies and other activities. You do not want to spend an hour travelling to and from school. This wastes precious time off the child that can be utilized for other productive activities. The distance from home to school should be no more than 1 hour combined.

2- Knowledge of the faculty

The school should employ experienced and professional faculties with zero bad remarks on their profiles. The faculty decides how good moral values your child will learn from school. You must check the reviews of the teachers in the schools online before looking for admission to the primary school in Pune. Talk with the teachers and get to know more about them.

3- Check the extracurricular activities

You should opt for a school that promotes extracurricular activities. A school that focuses only on studies is not a feasible option, as the child will tend to be more stressed than be more curious. Some of the best CBSE schools provide extracurricular activities such as yoga, dance classes, music and singing classes, coding, martial arts, etc. Choose a school as per your child’s interest.

4- Budget is very important

When you’re looking to enrol your students into the best CBSE schools, you should keep in mind the high budget of these schools. The fees and the other amounts do not come cheap, and some schools often ask for a donation before giving admission. You should note that the budget should not become a burden for you, and it should be around 15 to 20% of your monthly income.

5- You should understand the school policies

Before enrolling your child, learn and understand their policies properly. You should be clear that there should not be any hidden fees or any other fees that the school will demand out of the blue. Get in touch with the account and administration department for any further details or enquiries.

6- Check the student-teacher ratio

The student-teacher ratio should be very small, and it should be one of the first few checkpoints that you must cover. With the rising population, it gets difficult for the teacher to pay attention to every individual child. Therefore, ask the school about how many students will be assigned in each class. A class with a minimum of 20-25 students is the best situation for any teacher to pay close attention to each student.

7- The school should guarantee the safety and security of the children

With the rising number of attacks on students, the safety and security of their children is a concern for almost every parent. The teachers can only pay attention to the students inside the classroom and around the school premises. But the safety does not stop there. Even the transportation facilities should be top-notch. Look at how the school takes the safety concern and check for any security guards at school.

Wrapping up

The points mentioned above are likely to help you while choosing the best primary school in Pune.

Sunil Kumarr

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