7 Things Businesses Should Consider Before Hiring a Trucking Company

So you’re thinking about hiring a trucking company, but for some reason, you haven’t yet.

Hiring a trucking company can get tedious, and should be done carefully.

If for some reason you get set up with a trucking company that does their job poorly – not only will you live through the hardship of this decision, but you will lose precious time that had to be saved via a proper company.

That’s why it’s important to consider these 7 things before hiring.

Driver Experience

When you begin the process of vetting out a company for hire, you always have to consider the driver experience first.

Not all truck drivers have the necessary experience of dealing with the type of job you might assign them. After all, truck driving is nothing like sitting in an office. It does require sitting, but beyond that is a lot of training, skills, practice, and patience.

However, just because somebody has years of experience under their belt does not make them an experienced driver. But the good news is at least they’re not a rookie.

For instance, one can be a flatbed driver for 10 years with no violations. But when it comes to driving a tow truck, dump truck, or fuel truck – they might lack all the necessary skills. As each of the trucks requires a certain set of capabilities.

So pay attention to driving records, as well as the gear they rode in the past. If they don’t have experience driving a certain rig, they won’t have it by the time you sign them up.

Length of Employment

Make sure that a driver who will be working with you has been driving for that specific company for a long time. As long as the driver has clean records, has the experience, and is well-reputed within the company – it means he is doing something right.

In addition to this, you can gauge the driver turnover and company safety ratings. If a company is changing its drivers as often as changing their socks – something must be wrong with the company, not the drivers.

And when the drivers are wrong, the entire company must be wrong as well. As the success of a collective is dependent on the reputability and responsibility of each individual within the structure of the organization.

Licensure & Endorsement

Another important thing to look into is if the drivers are licensed. You have to make sure that they possess all of the necessary licenses and endorsements to do the job.

A driver might have endorsements from certified institutions or special education relevant to the job at hand. So make sure to consider those as well.


One of the most overlooked things to look out for is insurance coverage. There are quite a few legal issues that can come to rise if insurance is not prevalent.

Insurance is a must – and all of the paperwork has to be complete. Without it – you jeopardize the security and integrity of your load, all throughout the entire trip.

Research some common driver unions, forums, associations and ask them about insurance. All of them will tell you that it is necessary. It comes in multiple forms, such as freight, driver health, cargo, truck insurances.

So don’t forget to read the fine print on the bottom of the insurance. In those few words, you will discover more than the entire page of the paperwork holds.

Concerns & Issues

Use the power of technology to clear up all of your concerns and issues about hiring a trucking company. Research the company safety rating, accident reports, and other extraneous information.

Discover the history of their drivers. See if some of them are felons – it shouldn’t change your mind, but it’s a good thing to consider.

There is nothing wrong with knowing who you will be dealing with. It’s the first rule of business. Know thyself and those who cooperate with you.

Without knowing the provider of your services, you don’t know anything. Sure, you can completely delegate the work to them. But you wouldn’t give your child to a nanny who you’ve never met, right? It takes time to build rapport, and trust is important.


Last but not least, make sure that the trucking company owns all of the necessary equipment to do the job. You never want a company to show up at your site with trucks that are three times less the size you requested.

A quality trucking company will have a good website that presents all of the information in an accessible manner. Equipment, services, assets – all of this should be easily found.

If they are not modern and follow a more traditional approach – give them a call. There is nothing wrong with asking for the types and sizes of their equipment, the stage, and the condition of the same.

For example, you might want to know if they use a lithium-ion forklift battery for quick recharging. And this might not be presented online, so calling is the next best thing.

Hiring a Trucking Company Done Right

Now that you have discovered 7 things you need to consider before hiring a trucking company, you are well on your way to choosing the right one for you.

With the provided information – you really can’t go wrong. However, in some cases – fault is still possible, so it’s best to mitigate such issues with the company directly. Communicate, build relationships, and start working together.

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