7 Style Tips to Wear a Kaftan Dress

The fashion world is introducing many new trends nowadays. It is also bringing some of the old and existing trends back in a revolutionized way. Kaftan is one of them.

The kaftan trend gradually gained popularity as an exciting version of a loose-fitting outfit. This style was highly prominent, dating back to the twentieth century. In the fifties, it revolved back as staple evening gown fashion that women wore in casual parties, formal meetings, or home gatherings. If you are a fan of comfort, you must get your hands on these.

As per fashion reviews, kaftans are light, breezy, and enhance your curves. So, here are seven fashion tips that you can use to wear your kaftan like a queen this season.

1.      Bring Vibrancy with the Right Jewels

Kaftan dresses come with flare and grace that make you look more ladylike or feminine. So, why miss out on some attractive ornaments that can add an edge to your whole outlook. Ornaments come with massive power that can enhance your entire appearance.

Heavy earrings, bracelets with detailed designs, simple necklaces, or nose pins can add a different light to the way you look in your kaftan. The matt gold and silver cosmetic ornaments with a rusty surface are really in trend for kaftan outfits. It ultimately depends on how you would like to carry your look. If it is a special occasion, choose some junk or cosmetic jewels to jazz up your outfit.

2.      Spice It Up with a Pair of Ankle Boots

This is perhaps one of the most dazzling ideas that many women are obsessed about. Kaftan attires and boots can squeeze in a vibe that you will love. A fantastic part about boots is that they can complement both long and short kaftans.

Whether your kaftan is printed or of solid color, a plain regular pair of boots will do the needful. They add an edge to your style statement and blend perfectly with kaftans without a trace. Moto boots, wedge boots, high-heel boots are some of the options you must try out with kaftans.

3. Go Ethnic

Just because you are wearing a western-style dress, it does not mean you have to go by the fashion boundaries. Fusion is the new normal in the contemporary fashion world today. Even if you do not have a completely traditional printed kaftan, you can always give it an ethnic look.

Use any of the traditional scarves, babushkas, and bandanas to invite a fusion or ethnic look. If you are attending a wedding party, you can also buy brand new ethnic kaftan attire that will make you the talk of the town any day.

4. Induce Scarves and Accessories

The accessories will play a prominent role in earning you some fabulous compliments when you walk out in our kaftan gown or dress. So, if you want to nail it, you need to be a little cautious about what accessories you pick. The types and styles of accessories you choose are entirely up to your choice. But make sure you know how to contrast your dress and accessories or blend them flawlessly. Bright-colored accessories or scarves can gel well with plain colored kaftans.

5. Choose Vintage with the Long-Gown Style

In a world full of contemporary trends, choose to be classic. Moreover, if you have a flair for old-school fashion, this is your stop. If you check the right places, you will get fantastic kaftan attires that exhibit the perfect retro and sixties styles. Picking the long-gown kaftans will be an ideal choice. All you require is a simple pair of pump shoes and vintage shades.

6. Say Hello to Gorgeous Belts

What can be more tempting for a lady to accentuate her curves with the perfect dress. Since kaftans have a flared and swollen structure, you can always use a belt to enhance your body shape. There are unique options for dress belts that are available in the market. You can choose between fitting style, size, design, to materials, just as you prefer. If you are not fond of belts, you can also go for a silky, bright ribbon to tie a knot instead of a belt.

7. Mix Up Your Short Kaftan Dress and Bottom-Wears

That was all about the long kaftans. You can also add short kaftan attires to your wardrobe this season. Many women do not prefer bottom-wears or go for the long ones when wearing kaftans. But to stand out, pair up the fitting pants with your mini kaftan. This style is fashionable, comfortable, and also easy to carry. All you require is picking the right sets of pants as per the design of your kaftan. Make sure that the bottom-wear is skinny as the kaftan attires shapes are just the opposite.

Look Like the Perfect Diva

The best part about kaftans is that their designs vary from catchy to classy. Wear it when you go to the beach or at casual summer parties on weekends. Whether heading to a weekend getaway, late evening gatherings, or even to the beach, you can slip it in. You will find a style fit for every single occasion. You can get kaftans in different materials like pure cotton, silky materials, chiffon, organza, muslin, or any luxurious fabrics. So, choose the one you like and follow the aforementioned style tricks to jazz your outlook up and make it more presentable.